Posted On: Jan 4, 2022

You can now run OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards version 1.1 on Amazon OpenSearch Service. The new version includes several improvements such as cross-cluster replication support for clusters running OpenSearch, anomaly detection for historical data, and improved alerting.

OpenSearch is a community-driven, open source search and analytics suite derived from Apache 2.0 licensed Elasticsearch 7.10.2 & Kibana 7.10.2. It consists of a search engine, OpenSearch, and a visualization and user interface, OpenSearch Dashboards. We launched support for OpenSearch 1.0 in Amazon OpenSearch Service in September 2021, with features such as transforms, data streams, and notebooks on OpenSearch Dashboards. We are now adding support for OpenSearch 1.1 with the following new features:

  • Cross-Cluster Replication (CCR): With this feature, you will be able to deploy OpenSearch clusters across different servers, data centers, or even regions and setup a more fault-tolerant configuration. CCR provides low latency replication for indices with sequential consistency. Previously, Amazon OpenSearch Service supported Cross-Cluster Replication only on the legacy Elasticsearch version 7.10. Please see documentation for more details.
  • Anomaly Detection for historical data: OpenSearch now offers machine learning based anomaly detection for historical data to identify trends, patterns, and seasonality in the past data. This feature also introduces a new unified workflow in OpenSearch Dashboards to configure the anomaly detector once and apply for both real-time and historical data analysis. OpenSearch 1.1 also includes improvements in the underlying Random Cut Forest (RCF) algorithm to detect anomalies in up to 1 million unique entities in high cardinality data sets. Please see the OpenSearch documentation for more details.
  • Bucket Level Alerting: With Bucket Level Alerting, you can configure alerting policies that evaluate against aggregations grouped by a unique field value. For example, if you have an index that is ingesting health logs a number of different hosts, with Bucket Level Alerting, you could configure a monitor to alert when any host has a metric, like CPU or memory, that exceeds a defined threshold. Please see the OpenSearch documentation for more details.

OpenSearch 1.1 is now available on Amazon OpenSearch Service across 25 regions globally. Please refer to the AWS Region Table for more information about Amazon OpenSearch Service availability.

To learn more about Amazon OpenSearch Service, please visit the product page.