Posted On: Jul 21, 2023

Starting today, you can enable Amazon Route 53 Resolver on AWS Outpost rack, allowing you to resolve Domain Name Server (DNS) queries locally and enhance the availability and performance of applications running on Outposts rack.

Outposts rack is a fully managed service that extends AWS infrastructure and AWS services on premises for a truly consistent hybrid experience. When you enable Route 53 Resolver on Outposts, Route 53 automatically stores DNS responses locally on your Outposts. Optionally, you can connect Route 53 Resolvers on your Outposts with DNS servers in your on-premises data centers using Route 53 Resolver endpoints. Route 53 Resolver on Outposts provides continued DNS resolution during unexpected network disconnects to the parent Region. By serving DNS responses locally, Route 53 Resolver on Outposts also improves the performance of your on-premises applications. 

To get started, enable Route 53 Resolver at the time of ordering a new Outpost. You can also work with your AWS team to add Route 53 Resolver to an existing Outpost. You can create and manage the Route 53 Resolver on Outposts using Route 53 APIs, the AWS Management Console, the AWS CLI, or the AWS SDKs. 

Route 53 Resolver on Outposts is available in all AWS Regions where Outposts rack is available, except in the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. Refer to the Outposts rack FAQs for the full list of Regions where Outposts is available. To learn more, check out this blog post, the Outposts rack pricing page, and the Route 53 Resolver documentation.