Posted On: May 3, 2024

Amazon DynamoDB on-demand is a serverless, pay-per-request billing option that can serve thousands of requests per second without capacity planning. Previously, the on-demand request rate was only limited by the default throughput quota (40K read request units and 40K write request units), which uniformly applied to all tables within the account, and could not be customized or tailored for diverse workloads and differing requirements. Since on-demand mode scales instantly to accommodate varying traffic patterns, a piece of hastily written or unoptimized code could rapidly scale up and consume resources, making it difficult to keep costs and usage bounded.

Starting today, you can optionally configure maximum read or write (or both) throughput for individual on-demand tables and associated secondary indexes, making it easy to balance costs and performance. Throughput requests in excess of the maximum table throughput will automatically get throttled, but you can easily modify the table-specific maximum throughput at any time based on your application requirements. Customers can use this feature for predictable cost management, protection against accidental surge in consumed resources and excessive use, and safe guarding downstream services with fixed capacities from potential overloading and performance bottlenecks.

On-Demand throughput is available in all AWS Regions. See Amazon DynamoDB Pricing page for on-demand pricing. See the Developer Guide to learn more.