Amazon CodeCatalyst now supports GitHub Cloud source code with blueprints

Posted on: Jun 6, 2024

Amazon CodeCatalyst now supports the use of source code repositories hosted in GitHub Cloud with its blueprints capability. This allows customers to create a project from a CodeCatalyst blueprint into a GitHub Cloud source repository and add a blueprint into an existing project's GitHub Cloud source repository. It also enables customers to create custom blueprints in a GitHub Cloud repository.

Customers can use CodeCatalyst blueprints to create a project with a source repository and sample source code, CI/CD workflows, build and test reports, and integrated issue tracking tools. As the blueprint gets updated with the latest best practices or new options, it can regenerate the relevant parts of your codebase in projects containing that blueprint. CodeCatalyst also allows IT Leaders to build custom well-architected blueprints for their developer teams, specifying technology to be used, control access to project resources, set deployment locations and define testing and building methods. These capabilities were earlier available for source code repositories in CodeCatalyst. Customers wanted the flexibility to use blueprints with source code repositories hosted in GitHub Cloud. With this launch, customers can now get the same value from CodeCatalyst blueprints with GitHub Cloud hosted repositories.

This capability is available in regions where CodeCatalyst is available. There is no change to pricing.

For more information, see the documentation or visit the Amazon CodeCatalyst website.