View current charges and account activity, itemized by service. Previous months’ billing statements are also available.

Create multiple Users and manage the permissions for each of these Users within your AWS Account.

Receive one bill for multiple AWS Accounts, with cost breakdowns for each account. Usage is combined, enabling you to more quickly reach lower-priced volume tiers.

View revenue and costs for your Amazon DevPay products. Manage your Amazon DevPay products.

View the services you are signed up for, add new services or cancel your services.

View and edit current payment method, as well as add new payment methods.

View and edit personal contact information, such as address and phone number. Set communication preferences for email subscriptions.

Amazon Web Services uses access identifiers to authenticate requests to AWS and to identify the sender of a request. Three types of identifiers are available: (1) AWS Access Key Identifiers, (2) X.509 Certificates, and (3) Key pairs.

Download usage reports for each service you are subscribed to. Reports can be customized by specifying usage types, timeframe, service operations, and more.