Enhance customer experience with conversational analytics

Gain insights from customer conversations with generative AI

How generative AI is transforming CX

Understanding customer needs is paramount to providing exceptional customer experiences (CX). By leveraging generative AI's natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, you can quickly analyze customer interactions and gain intelligence into customer sentiment, intent, and the quality of service. This empowers your CX owners to make data-driven decision such as identify areas for automation based on high frequency asks, and boost agent performance with insights from quality management scorecards.

With generative AI, you can optimize each customer touchpoint to deliver more satisfying customer experiences across the entire journey.


Generative AI reduces time to insights and automates quality management processes to improve CX.

Systematically extract relevant insights from customer voice and chat interactions. Spot trends in contact traffic, highlight product issues, and identify sentiment to continuously improve contact quality.

Use insights such as high frequency queries to surface areas for bot automation. Deliver real-time supervisor alerts or identify agent coaching opportunity to boost agent performance.

Eliminate the manual process of listening to individual calls. Score 100% of calls with automated call transcription and generative AI-powered summaries and scorecards. Monitor call script adherence as well as ensure compliance to key regulations such as HIPAA and PCI.

Get started

AWS offers two flexible options to enhance customer experience with generative AI-powered conversational analytics.

Amazon Connect analytics, insights, and optimization

Monitor and improve your contact center performance in Amazon Connect, an AI-powered contact center from AWS.

Build intelligent speech analytics

One major component of conversational analytics is the ability to analyze speech-based customer conversation such as calls, video meetings. You can analyze these conversation on the CX platform of your choice with generative AI-powered services such as Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Transcribe.