Getting Started with Alexa for Business

Configuring meeting rooms

Use Alexa for Business in your meeting room for hands-free meeting control. Set up shared devices to configure Alexa for Business.

Shared devices can be configured in one of the following options:

Option 1

Configuring meeting rooms with built-in Alexa for Business client support

Option 2

Use the Echo plus your meeting room

Use this for:

Employee set up

Are you an employee that wants to start using Alexa for Business with your personal Alexa devices without IT involvement? Start here. Select your provider and you’ll be ready to use Alexa for Business features on your personal Alexa device.

Enrolling your IT users

Are you an IT professional that wants to set up enrollment of Alexa for Business users for access to your private skills? Start here.


How to configure conferencing and calendaring (3:25)
Empower your organization with Alexa for Business (30:47)

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