Amazon MQ

Fully managed service for open-source message brokers

Get 750 hours of Amazon MQ per month for 12 months

with the AWS Free Tier

Migrate your applications more easily with updated endpoints and industry-standard APIs and protocols.

Offload time-consuming tasks such as administration, maintenance operations, and security management for message brokers.

Ensure high availability of your applications and durability of messages across AWS Availability Zones.

How it works

Message brokers allow software systems, which often use different programming languages on various platforms, to communicate and exchange information. Amazon MQ is a managed message broker service for Apache ActiveMQ Classic and RabbitMQ that streamlines setup, operation, and management of message brokers on AWS. With a few steps, Amazon MQ can provision your message broker with support for software version upgrades.


Amazon MQ manages open-source message brokers connecting producers and consumers to provide high-throughput, low-latency messaging.

Use cases

Low-latency event messaging

Ensure low latency for thousands of events, so that applications have the most recent information possible.

Migrate with flexible configurations

Migrate from on premises to Amazon MQ with active/standby, a network of brokers, or cluster configurations.

Invoke AWS Lambda functions

Integrate applications and use Lambda functions to poll the Amazon MQ message broker.

How to get started

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