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Submitted by: Attila@AWS
Provider: Amazon Web Services
OS: Other Linux
License: Public
AMI Manifest: ec2-public-images/getting-started.manifest.xml
Root Device Type: instance-store
Architecture: i386
Listed on: Jan 03, 2009 15:33 GMT
Updated on: Mar 08, 2012 00:30 GMT

  • Published by Amazon Web Services (
  • This image contains a basic Fedora 8 installation and the Apache web server.
  • While this image can be used as a starting point for repackaging derived images, its intended use is as a minimal image for getting acquainted with Amazon EC2.  We would suggest using other shared AMIs as your starting point for your own AMIs.
  • This image contains the following daemons / services:
    • sshd
    • httpd
  • Apache 2.0


  • Updated to Fedora 8


  • Added additional kernel modules
     - fuse.ko  => CONFIG_FUSE_FS=m
    - relayfs  => CONFIG_RELAYFS_FS=m
    - binfmt_aout.ko  => CONFIG_BINFMT_AOUT=m
    - xfrm_user.ko  => CONFIG_XFRM_USER=m
  • Added fuse related packages
    - fuse
    - fuse-devel
    - fuse-encfs
    - fuse-libs
    - fuse-sshfs
  • Added php-mysql to apache+apachemysql images.
  • Added released notes => /etc/ec2/release-notes.txt
  • Modified sshd_config 'UseDNS no' to prevent SSH failure in case of DNS failure.
  • ec2-ami-tools update automatically at instantiation, via /usr/local/sbin/
  • Built with ec2-ami-tools >= 7221 resulting in improved launch times.
  • Disabled the following boot time services:
    [gpm] [cups] [nfslock] [portmap] [rpcgssd] [rpcidmapd]
  • The following Fedora Core 4 packages have been updated:
    autofs.i386     1:4.1.4-26    updates-released
    bind.i386   24:9.3.1-20.FC4  updates-released
    bind-libs.i386   24:9.3.1-20.FC4   updates-released
    bind-utils.i386  24:9.3.1-20.FC4   updates-released
    cyrus-sasl.i386  2.1.20-6   updates-released
    cyrus-sasl-md5.i386  2.1.20-6   updates-released
    cyrus-sasl-plain.i386  2.1.20-6  updates-released
    device-mapper.i386  1.02.07-2.0  updates-released
    dhcdbd.i386  1.14-1.FC4   updates-released
    gnupg.i386   1.4.5-1   updates-released
    httpd.i386  2.0.54-10.4   updates-released
    info.i386  4.8-8.fc4.2  updates-released
    jwhois.i386  3.2.3-3.3.fc4.1  updates-released
    kernel.i686  2.6.17-1.2142_FC4  updates-released
    libtiff.i386  3.7.1-6.fc4.3  updates-released
    libuser.i386  0.53.7-1.fc4.1  updates-released
    lvm2.i386  2.02.06-1.0.fc4  updates-released
    nfs-utils.i386  1.0.7-13.FC4  updates-released
    ntp.i386  4.2.0.a.20050816-0.FC4  updates-released
    procps.i386  3.2.5-6.4  updates-release
    python.i386  2.4.3-8.FC4  updates-released
    rsync.i386  2.6.8-1.FC4.1  updates-released
    ruby.i386  1.8.4-3.fc4  updates-released
    ruby-libs.i386  1.8.4-3.fc4  updates-released
    sed.i386  4.1.5-4.fc4  updates-released
    selinux-policy-targeted.noarch   1.27.1-2.28  updates-released
    sendmail.i386   8.13.7-2.fc4.2  updates-released
    tzdata.noarch  2006g-1.fc4  updates-released
    xorg-x11-Mesa-libGLU.i386   6.8.2-37.FC4.49.2.1  updates-released
    xorg-x11-libs.i386  6.8.2-37.FC4.49.2.1  updates-released