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Common Crawl Example Library + Hadoop 0.20.205 + Amazon Elastic MR Launch Script

Submitted by:  Lisa Green
Provider:  Community
OS:  Amazon Linux
License:  Public
AMI Manifest:  837454214164/Common Crawl Quick Start AMI
Root Device Type:  ebs
Architecture:  x86_64
Listed on:  Jul 27, 2012 17:48 GMT
Updated on:  Jul 27, 2012 17:48 GMT

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US East - ami-07339a6e

This AMI allows you to quickly get up and running using the Common Crawl Amazon Public Data Set. It includes Common Crawl sample code, a local Hadoop 0.20.205 instance, and a script for launching Common Crawl analysis jobs on Amazon Elastic MapReduce. Instructions are printed to the console as soon as you log in.

Read more about the Common Crawl data set at commoncrawl.org.