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HP/Vertica Analytics Platform 6.1.2-0 on CentOS 6.3 HVM AMI

Submitted by:  Vertica
Provider:  Community
OS:  Cent OS
License:  Public
AMI Manifest:  482855101108/HP/Vertica Analytics Platform 6.1.2-0
Root Device Type:  ebs
Architecture:  x86_64
Listed on:  Jul 23, 2013 15:56 GMT
Updated on:  Aug 16, 2013 00:33 GMT

Click on the button corresponding to your region to launch this AMI using the EC2 Console.

US East - ami-5dfc9634
US West (Oregon) - ami-8f3dacbf
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) - ami-0b2ebf0a

The HP Vertica Analytics Platform AMI is a pre-configured template that includes the Vertica Analytic software. By using this template, you can quickly create Vertica instances, and you can easily combine multiple instances to form a multi-node Vertica cluster.

HP Vertica recommends using an AWS cluster-compute type instance for this AMI. HP Vertica recommends this pre-configured AMI to ensure that CPU, RAM, storage I/O and networking is allocated in a balanced manner.

For additional information, refer to Using HP Vertica on Amazon Web Services.
For the complete HP Vertica documentation set, refer to HP Vertica Analytics Platform 6.1.x Product Documentation.