AWS Application Composer

Visually design and build modern applications quickly

Visually compose modern applications from 1,000+ AWS resources with little guesswork.

Rapidly generate ready-to-deploy infrastructure as code (IaC) for enhanced resources.

Write code or build visually – Use the best development experience for the task at hand.

How it works

AWS Application Composer helps streamline and accelerate the architecture, development, and iteration of modern applications.

Diagram shows the steps to build a serverless application using AWS Application Composer.

Use cases

Design and build new modern applications

Streamline the composition of modern applications from multiple AWS services. 

Manage applications through IaC

Use the right tool for the task, including visual, code, or generative AI powered code suggestions in your IDE.

Visualize your application architecture and configuration

Quickly understand your application architecture and keep it current as you collaborate with your team. 

Orchestrate Step Functions workflows

Integrate with Workflow Studio to visually orchestrate over 220 AWS services or public http endpoints with Step Functions workflows.

How to get started

Start building in the AWS Management Console

Begin to diagram a model of your application, start a new architecture from scratch, import an existing IaC template, or select from common patterns.

Build application architectures in IDE

Extend visual composing to Visual Studio Code and create generative AI powered code suggestions for any AWS CloudFormation resource.

Learn more about AWS Application Composer

Follow the walkthrough in the Developer Guide for step-by-step instructions on building your first modern application.

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