Amazon Web Services provides several services that enable administrators and developers to increase their productivity when working with applications running in the cloud. You can use one of the application management services or build your own solution using the resource management building blocks.

Application Management Services Building Block Services                               
AWS Elastic Beanstalk AWS CloudFormation                                     
AWS OpsWorks Amazon CloudWatch                                      

Auto Scaling                                                   

Application Container
Elastic Beanstalk is an easy-to-use service that deploys, manages, and scales web applications and web services using managed containers for environments such as Docker, Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby. Ideal for developers that simply want to upload their code and have the service manage the rest. Learn more.

“We can push a new version of our game and it will automatically deploy to all the different Amazon EC2 instances. That is incredibly useful for us. We would have to write software to do this if AWS Elastic Beanstalk was not available."

Shane Stevens Chief Technology Officer for Twiitch

Application Automation
AWS OpsWorks is a service that deploys, operates, and automates applications of any shape or size. Start with built-in templates for HAProxy, Ganglia, Java, Memcached, MySQL, Node.js, PHP, and Ruby or build your own with Chef recipes to support your architecture and perform any task that can be scripted. Great for developers and IT administrators that want the flexibility to define their software stack. Learn more.

"OpsWorks gives us the tools we need to automate operations. We can scale Monster World, one of the largest Facebook games, to millions of users without ever needing more than two back-end developers.”

Jesper Richter-Reichhelm Head of Engineering at Wooga

Templated Provisioning
A service that allows you to model, provision, and update the full breadth of AWS resources. Manage anything from a single Amazon EC2 instance to a multi-tier application. Easily integrates with other development and management tools. Learn more.

“AWS CloudFormation made it easy for us to connect and provision AWS resources.”

Ron Fuller Mentor Graphics Web Manager

A monitoring solution that you can start using within minutes to easily monitor resources such as EC2 instances, EBS volumes, DB instances or even custom metrics. View graphs and set alarms to help you gain visibility into your infrastructure’s health and performance. Learn more.

Instance Scaling
Automatically scale your Amazon EC2 capacity up or down according to conditions you define. Learn more.

You can use any of these services individually or use them together. AWS CloudFormation can provision Auto Scaling groups, Amazon CloudWatch alarms, AWS Elastic Beanstalk applications, and AWS OpsWorks applications, in addition to the other AWS resources. For example, you can model an entire architecture including networking and database configurations directly into a AWS CloudFormation template and then deploy and manage your application using AWS Elastic Beanstalk or AWS OpsWorks. This approach unifies resource and application management, making it simpler to version control or re-create the entire architecture.