Posted On: Nov 8, 2018

Amazon Elasticsearch Service Reserved Instances (RIs) offer significant discounts compared to standard On-Demand Instances. Starting today, you can use AWS Budgets to set custom utilization and coverage budgets based on your Amazon Elasticsearch RIs that alert you when you fall below the threshold you define.

RI utilization budgets track the percentage of Amazon Elasticsearch RI hours used relative to the total RI hours purchased, while RI coverage budgets monitor the percentage of your total Amazon Elasticsearch running hours that are charged at RI rates. Using AWS Budgets, you can set budgets at an aggregate level (e.g., monthly utilization of your entire Amazon Elasticsearch RI fleet) or at a more granular level of detail (e.g., daily utilization of c4.large Elasticsearch instances running in the US East (N. Virginia) region) and receive alerts when your utilization or coverage fall below the threshold you define (e.g., 85%). From there, AWS Budgets will automatically monitor your RIs and alert you whenever your utilization or coverage falls below the threshold you have set.  

Please note that you can access all budget creation and management functionality via the AWS Budgets API.

To learn more about managing your reservations, visit the Reserved Instance Reporting webpages or refer to the Managing your Costs with Budgets user guide. You can get started using AWS Budgets here.