Getting Started with AWS CodeBuild

Here are a couple resources for getting started with AWS CodeBuild:

1) Complete this getting started with AWS CodeBuild guide for a basic introduction.

2) Test and debug your build with CodeBuild Local

3) Learn how to set up a continuous integration workflow with CodeBuild and AWS CodePipeline by visiting this guide.

Other getting started resources

Learn how to programatically create and configure Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) with CodeBuild by following part 1 and part 2 from our AWS DevOps blog

Check out this blog post to learn how to enable build caching to speed up your build times.

Overview videos

Continuous Integration Best Practices (47:53)
Slalom: CI/CD for Serverless Applications on AWS (11:04)
Setting up CI/CD for containers (6:16)

Learn more about AWS CodeBuild

Visit the FAQs page
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