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About AWS Data Exchange

Data is everywhere and deciding what data is relevant for your business needs can be overwhelming. Reach out to our Data Discovery Team to simplify the process and receive some personalized recommendations of data products that will help move the needle for you or your business.

With AWS Data Exchange you can quickly discover, subscribe to, and copy data directly into your Amazon S3 bucket or download it onto your hard drive for use in a variety of machine learning and analytics tools.

Contacting the Data Discovery team:

When reaching out consider mentioning how you envision the data being used, rough budget estimates, specific attributes. Feel free to be as specific or general as you’d like. Someone on our team should be in touch within 2 days.

UT Austin
“By leveraging AWS Data Exchange and Weather Trends data, we can be confident that our wines will arrive in perfect condition, tasting no different to our customers than when our best-in-class wine team tasted it at the winery.”
Andrew Walleck – COO, Wine Access

similarweb: Global Growth Sites

Aggregated global listing of key visits and engagement KPIs for any website with more than 5,000 monthly visits, covering more than three million domains. This dataset is perfect for Private Equity and Venture Capital firms looking to source and benchmark investments or potential acquisitions.

Dataset Specifications

  • Sector: Cross-Sector
  • Geography: Global
  • Platform: Desktop and/or Mobile
  • Granularity: Monthly data, monthly update
  • Metrics: Estimated
  • History: Data available from August 2016