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Welcome to the world’s first global autonomous racing league, driven by machine learning (ML). Get hands-on to grow your ML knowledge through the fun of racing with enthusiasts from around the globe.

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With AWS DeepRacer you'll learn fundamental concepts, skills, and ML training techniques that power foundation models in some of the most advanced generative AI applications today through the fun of racing autonomous cars. Measure your progress with unique new challenges each month, and get rewarded for consistency as you climb the leaderboard. In 2024 the AWS DeepRacer League has expanded to provide even more ways to earn rewards for improving your ML skills with even bigger prizes and recognition for your accomplishments on a regional and global scale.

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Since the inaugural AWS DeepRacer League launched in 2019 participants have raced each month to win prizes and qualify for a spot in the AWS DeepRacer Championship. In 2024, participants have the opportunity to earn even more rewards for each month they participate, but will need to show consistency over two consecutive races (a "Heat") in their region in order to make it to the big showdown. Each new race will require participants to train their model to optimize for a variable outcome which is announced at the start of each race to showcase ML competencies.

Ace Super Speedway

Format: time trial | Laps: 3 continuous | Penalties: 10 seconds

The Ace Super Speedway was named in honor of the 2021 AWS DeepRacer 2nd place Champion, Yousuf Nizam. Featuring full throttle straightaways and unforgiving hairpin turns, the Ace Super Speedway will surely test your racing prowess to come away with a win. Train and fine-tune your ML model to test and elevate your skills.

How to win prizes in the Virtual Circuit

DeepRacer Virtual Cars

Be among the first 2,000 racers globally to submit your model and receive $30 AWS credits

Compete in the AWS DeepRacer League each month and earn a $30 AWS credit for participating, eligible for use on AWS services in the console. Racers can return to the league to participate in a new race and claim their reward when they land on the leaderboard each month. See AWS credit terms & conditions for details.

Finish in the top 50 in your region in any monthly race

The first time you achieve a top 50 finish on your regional leaderboard during the 2024 season, you are eligible to receive a $99 gift card.

Top your regional podium in a monthly race

The first time you finish in the top 3 on your regional leaderboard during the 2024 season, you are eligible to receive a $250 gift card

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DeepRacer Standings
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Earn points on the global leaderboard all season long to claim your share of the $20,000 season prize

For each month of racing, participants can earn points on the global leaderboard towards their overall season standings. In each monthly race, the 1st place finisher receives 100 points, 2nd receives 97 points, 3rd receives 94 points. This pattern continues, with each position getting fewer points, down to the 20th place who receives 43 points. From 21st to 40th place, points drop by 2 for each spot. The 21st position racer receives 41 points, 22nd receives 39, 23rd receives 37 and so on until 40th place who receives 3 points. All racers 41st and below receive 1 point for each month they submit to the leaderboard. At the end of the 8 monthly races during the regular season the top 10 racers globally based on cumulative points will each earn $2,000 USD.

Earn an expenses paid trip to AWS re:Invent 2024 for an opportunity to win your share of the $50,000 prize purse

Racers who earn the most points in their regional Heat will qualify for an expenses paid trip to AWS re:Invent 2024 including a spot in the 2024 AWS DeepRacer League Championship. A Heat consists of 2 consecutive monthly races, with 4 total Heats in the 2024 season offering 24 total chances to qualify across 6 regions.

The 2024 AWS DeepRacer League Championship Prize purse is the largest ever in DeepRacer history, with a total of $50,000 USD in cash prizes. The first place champion will win $25,000, second place receives $11,000, third place receives $6,000, fourth wins $4,000, fifth place wins $2,500, and sixth place earns $1,500. 

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Congratulations to the 2023 AWS DeepRacer League Champions

DeepRacer Championships 2023

Over 150,000 developers participated in AWS DeepRacer in 2023 from over 160 countries around the globe. From March to October, the top 72 emerged from AWS Summit and Virtual Circuit racing; earning a trip to AWS re:Invent 2023 in Las Vegas and a chance to compete for the Championship Cup and $43,000 cash purse.  

After a week of exciting racing action in Las Vegas, league newcomer Youssef Addioui (FiatLux) from Accenture defeated the world's best to take top honors this year. He was joined on the final podium by league veteran Darren Broderick (DBro) and Tarun from JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPMC-HYD-SmartAccelerators).

To read more about the championship experience, watch the replay, and join a global community of AWS DeepRacer developers head over to

DeepRacer Championships 2023

Try AWS DeepRacer Arcade on your mobile device

The AWS DeepRacer Arcade for mobile is a free, browser based car racing game that teaches you the fundamentals of machine learning. 

During a quick tutorial, you'll learn how AWS DeepRacer leverages reinforcement learning to navigate autonomously around the track. After, you'll get to use your mobile device to complete a lap around a real DeepRacer virtual track against one of our pre-trained machine learning models. Submit your time to the global leaderboard to see how you stack up; there is no credit card or log-in required to play the arcade.

The FASTEST way to learn Machine Learning, literally.

AWS DeepRacer League brings developers from all over the world together through Machine Learning (ML) competition. With hands-on training, participants learn to build reinforcement learning (RL) models to race on an AWS DeepRacer device and in the 3D virtual racing simulator. Whether you're a seasoned pro at the top of the global leaderboard or developing a model for the first time, AWS DeepRacer is the fastest way to get rolling with ML. Explore the educational resources below to kickstart your ML journey, then get hands on in console to take to the track.

AWS DeepRacer TV

AWS DeepRacer TV follows the world’s first global autonomous racing league, featuring developers of all skill levels as they progress their machine learning skills Tune in as racers from all over the globe face off as they hope to qualify for a chance to win the Championship Cup at AWS re:Invent.

Things are heating up on the virtual track! Join as the AWS DeepRacer League finds the best developers in the world in a competition like no other.


See the drama unfold in episode 6 as 64 of the world's best AWS DeepRacer developers face off in the re:Invent Championship Cup knockout rounds.
Season one ends with a bang as the field of 64 finalists is winnowed down to crown the 2019 champion.
AWS AI Devices

More hands-on learning

Explore the portfolio of educational devices designed for developers of all skill levels to learn ML in fun, practical ways. Get started with reinforcement learning with AWS DeepRacer and express your creativity through generative AI with AWS DeepComposer.

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Information on AWS DeepRacer League Rules and eligibility requirements.

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The 2024 AWS DeepRacer League competition administrator is PromoVeritas Ltd. Participants in the 2024 AWS DeepRacer League and AWS DeepRacer Student League can expect to receive prizing communication from within fifteen business days of the close of each event. 

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