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Training & Documentation

Gain in-depth familiarity with how to set up, test, and operate AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery, including key technology features and best practices.

Learn how to set up and use AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery, including best practices for successful implementation. 

Describes all the API operations for AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery in detail. It also provides sections on common parameters and errors.

Use this Proof of Concept (POC) Checklist and User Guide to help you test out AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery on your workloads.


Introduction to AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (1:06)
Get Started with AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (6:06)
Build scalable, cost-effective disaster recovery to AWS (43:53)
How to Use the AWS DRS Mass Failback Automation Client (DRSFA) (5:39)
Modernize Migrated Servers with AWS MGN (4:16)
Set AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Launch Templates at Scale (4:44)
Use AWS Cost Explorer with AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (5:47)
Configure Storage Cost Optimization in AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (3:27)

APN Partner materials

APN Partners can visit APN Partner Central for materials to assist customers with setting up a disaster recovery site on AWS using AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery.

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