Generative AI for banking

Banks like NatWest are using AWS Generative AI services to personalize their customer experiences. Learn how AWS helps NatWest and other banks leverage generative AI at scale and drive innovation at an unprecedented pace.



Reimagine banking for today and tomorrow

Accelerate and enhance processes across your firm's value chain with artificial intelligence and automation. Rapidly launch new capabilities easily through core systems modernization, and leverage data and analytics to transform digital experiences for your customers. With AWS, banks can drive revenue growth, elevate customer experiences, reduce costs, and confidently adapt to regulatory and security requirements.

Reinventing the future of banking with AWS

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NatWest Bank personalizes the customer experience using AWS

NatWest Group, one of the largest banks in the United Kingdom, uses machine learning and data analytics to engage and personalize messaging for over 20 million customers. 

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Trust Bank builds a scalable and innovative digital bank on AWS

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Raiffeisen Bank International migrates over 40% of applications creating a modern customer experience

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Old Mutual reduces operational overhead and technical debt

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BMO Market Risk optimizes computational capacity

Banking on the Cloud 

What are the key trends banks face globally, and how can cloud capabilities help them transform?

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Accelerate and improve processes across the value chain
Boost credit risk accuracy, streamline compliance, address financial crime, and launch individualized product offerings easily when you embed intelligence and automation across the value chain.
Launch new capabilities quickly and easily with modern core systems
Respond to market volatility, meet evolving regulatory requirements, and reduce time to market for new digital products and services with core systems modernization.
Transform customer experiences with intelligent data and analytics
Leverage data, analytics, AI, and ML to create and optimize digital experiences for your customers that deliver product and service offers in the right channel at the right time.

Celent | Generative AI Making Waves

To help financial institutions continue to plan their journey, AWS commissioned Celent to develop this report, which defines three distinct generative Al adoption waves in banking and capital markets, and identifies strategies for navigating each.

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Personalized recommendations

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Anti-money laundering and know your customer

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Statutory, regulatory, and financial reporting

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Marketplaces and ecosystems

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Credit decisioning

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Financial modeling

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Core banking system modernization

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Fraud detection

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The AI imperative: The future of frictionless banking

Qorus and AWS conducted a research project to explore the transformative potential of AI/ML and generative AI in financial services.


Compliance and internal audit modernization using the Cloud

In this whitepaper, AWS shares how compliance and internal audit teams can increase automation, leverage data in new ways to improve governance and control, and reduce costs and operational risk using the Cloud.  

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AWS financial services partners provide innovative, cost-effective, and secure solutions built on AWS.

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AWS Marketplace makes it easy for financial services institutions to find, buy, deploy, and manage software solutions, including SaaS, in a matter of minutes.

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