AWS helps you reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by reducing the need to invest in large capital expenditures and providing a pay-as-you-go model that empowers you to invest in the capacity you need and use it only when the business requires it.

Our TCO calculators allow you to estimate the cost savings when using AWS and provide a detailed set of reports that can be used in executive presentations. The calculators also give you the option to modify assumptions that best meet your business needs.

Use this new calculator to compare the cost of your applications in an on-premises or traditional hosting environment to AWS. Describe your on-premises or hosting environment configuration to produce a detailed cost comparison with AWS.

AWS TCO Calculator - input2

1. Describe your existing or planned on-premises or hosting infrastructure in four steps, or enter detailed configurations.

AWS TCO Calculator - summary2

2. Get an instant summary report which shows you the three year TCO comparison by cost categories.

AWS TCO Calculator - Share

3. Download a full report including detailed cost breakdowns, Methodology, Assumptions, and FAQ or store the report in Amazon S3 for sharing with others.

The TCO Calculator provides directional guidance on possible realized savings when deploying AWS. This tool is built on an underlying calculation model, that generates a fair assessment of value that a customer may achieve given the data provided by the user. This tool is for approximation purposes only.


TCO - Customer Success

Learn how media giant, News Corp, plans to save over $100 million over 3 years by migrating its data centers to AWS.

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How to calculate TCO
A comprehensive discussion of how to calculate and to compare the true total cost of ownership for running web applications on-premises and on AWS. Learn why you can save up to 80% using AWS.

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Research report on TCO

IDC interviewed 27 organizations around the world running various enterprise workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS). These interviews revealed that study participants are leveraging AWS to not only lower the cost of IT but change how they deliver IT services and transform their business operations to better address market demand. IDC’s analysis shows that these AWS customers are achieving strong value at an average of $20.97 million per year per organization over five years.

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