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This release introduces support for VPC in five AWS Regions, VPCs in multiple Availability Zones, multiple VPCs per AWS account, multiple VPN connections per VPC, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server Reserved Instances.
Last Modified: Sep 10, 2013 22:50 PM GMT
This release introduces dedicated instances.
Last Modified: Mar 28, 2011 6:03 AM GMT
This release introduces Internet access.
Last Modified: Mar 15, 2011 3:38 AM GMT
This release includes support for VM Import.
Last Modified: Dec 15, 2010 20:40 PM GMT
Amazon EC2 and Amazon VPC now support tags, which are metadata you can optionally assign to your VPC resources such as subnets.
Last Modified: Sep 20, 2010 5:46 AM GMT
This version supports specifying a VPC subnet IP address that you want to assign an Amazon EC2 instance to.
Last Modified: Sep 8, 2010 4:28 AM GMT
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