Amazon Augmented AI (Amazon A2I)

Easily implement human review of machine learning predictions

Some machine learning applications need human oversight to ensure accuracy with sensitive data, to help provide continuous improvements and, retrain models with updated predictions. However, in these situations, you’re often forced to choose between a machine learning only or human only system. Companies are looking for the best of both worlds -- integrating machine learning systems into your workflow while keeping a human eye on the results to guarantee a needed precision.

Amazon Augmented AI is a machine learning service which makes it easy to build the workflows required for human review. Amazon A2I brings human review to all developers, removing the undifferentiated heavy lifting associated with building human review systems or managing large numbers of human reviewers whether it runs on AWS or not.


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Use cases


Medical insurance claims, intake forms, prescriptions and many other healthcare documents have valuable information locked inside which needs to be extracted quickly and with precision. You can now use Amazon A2I and Amazon Textract to process documents, extract the data and have a human review the critical data. This saves time and money with document processing and allows for a human to review any nuanced or sensitive data or audit predictions on an on-going basis.

Financial Services

Loan or mortgage applications, tax forms, and many other financial documents contain millions of data points which need to be processed and extracted quickly and effectively. Using Amazon Textract and Amazon A2I you can extract critical data from these forms whether it is structured data or unstructured data and have a human review the output. DealNet Capital is using Amazon Textract and Amazon A2I to process their financial forms which has proven to reduce the amount of time spent manually reviewing documents by up to 80%.

Use Amazon A2I for any ML workflow

Integrate Amazon A2I to provide human review for any ML workflow like image or content moderation with Amazon Rekognition, edit and tag translations with Amazon Translate, review transcriptions from videos or social media using Amazon Transcribe, or use Amazon Comprehend for sentiment analysis and key phrase extraction. Using Amazon A2I with other AI services like Amazon SageMaker, or Amazon Fraud Detector you can easily implement human review of machine learning predictions.


Easily implement human review of ML predictions

Amazon A2I gives you the flexibility to incorporate human review into ML applications based on your specific requirements. Low-confidence predictions are sent to humans to review and take action. If needed, you can also require multiple reviewers to review a prediction to achieve consensus. Additionally, to audit models, you can randomly sample predictions for human review so that you can regularly evaluate if the model is still performing well. Amazon A2I helps people and machines do what they do best.

Integrate human oversight with any application

Amazon A2I provides you an easy way to integrate human oversight into your machine learning workflows, with no machine learning experience required. No need to go with an all human review system vs. machine learning only, Amazon A2I brings together machine learning and humans to provide you with automation while keeping a human eye on the results to provide needed precision. Amazon A2I makes it easy to integrate human judgement and AI into any ML application, regardless of whether it's run on AWS or on another platform.

Get to market quicker

Deciding between machine learning vs. humans doing manual processes can be the decision to get to market today vs. months from now. Integrating Amazon A2I into your workflow not only aids in getting to market with your machine learning quicker but you can also update and retrain your models over time. As your business needs change, so can your workflows and Amazon A2I can help provide you continuously improve your models at whatever stage you are in your machine learning journey.

How it works


T-Mobile US, Inc. is redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation. Their advanced nationwide network delivers wireless experiences to 84.2 million customers who are unwilling to compromise on quality and value.

"Providing relevant information, such as account details and available discounts, in real time to our customer care agents while they are in live conversations with customers is one of the ways T-Mobile uses machine learning to improve customer experience. Using A2I, we will be able to ensure that our models continuously deliver top-quality insights by having humans validate random samples of model predictions. Trust is the hardest thing to build when it comes to machine learning, and A2I will allow us to make sure that our models are making the fewest mistakes."

Heather Nolis, Machine Learning Engineer, T-Mobile


Vidmob, a video creation and analytics platform, utilizes machine learning to analyze every aspect of a video including people, objects, and messages to help brands understand creative performance and build better creative. However, for dimensions not covered by existing machine learning models, it can be challenging to review the creative from the petabyte-scale data we analyze every day.

“With our current workforce of highly trained creative evaluators, using Amazon A2I we can more quickly optimize and fine-tune our predictive models. This efficiency exposes us to a large sample of reviewers and increases the speed of models to market by 3x.”

Joline McGoldrick, SVP, Data & Insights, VidMob


Change Healthcare is a leading independent healthcare technology company that provides data and analytics-driven solutions to improve clinical, financial and patient engagement outcomes in the U.S. healthcare system.

"At Change Healthcare, we help accelerate healthcare’s transformation by innovating to remove inefficiencies, reduce costs and improve outcomes. We have a robust set of integrated artificial intelligence engines that bring new insights, impact, and innovation to the industry. Critical to our results is enabling human-in-the-loop to understand our data and automate workflows. Amazon Augmented AI (Amazon A2I) makes it easy to build the workflows required for human review of ML predictions. With Amazon A2I becoming HIPAA eligible, we are able to involve the human in the workflow and decision-making process, helping to increase efficiency with the millions of documents we process to create even more value for patients, payers, and providers.”

Luyuan Fang, Chief AI Officer, Change Healthcare

Business Services Authority

National Health Service, Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) is part of the UK National Health Service. It provides a range of support services to NHS organizations, NHS contractors and patients. As part of its payment services, they process 54 million paper prescriptions and other healthcare documents per month.

“The NHS has long been interested in the promise of AI to improve the quality of public healthcare. Human judgement is critical and in fact is often required for decisions involving medical payments. Amazon Textract is compelling because it offers AI powered extraction of text and structured data from virtually any document. We are excited about Amazon Augmented AI because it allows us to take advantage of machine learning while still applying human judgement. That’s a game changer for us.”

Chris Suter, Head of Cloud Platforms and Innovation, NHS BSA

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