Availity Builds Data Resiliency to Support Healthcare Digital Transformation




Availity’s digital transformation initiative enhances payer-provider collaboration by creating intelligent, automated workflows that center on the patient. A core pillar of this initiative is CLAIR, Availity’s knowledge platform that aggregates the vast amount of data moving through Availity’s network to produce intelligence. Despite CLAIR’s importance to the company’s strategy, development teams were struggling to allocate resources because they had to prioritize managing numerous infrastructure issues. As Availity considered the future of CLAIR, the team knew they needed to reconsider their traditional data center and deploy a data platform that could be scalable, resilient, secure, and cost-efficient.


During the four-day Build Lab with AWS Data Lab, Availity built an end-to-end data pipeline to process incoming data from its network of healthcare partners, leveraging Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Kinesis, Amazon EMR, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), AWS Lambda, AWS Lake Formation, and Amazon OpenSearch Service. Availity de-coupled their index and search data in near-real time to create CLAIR APIs that help customers find relevant patient information quickly, while respecting appropriate data governance requirements. To address data visualization and reporting needs, Availity used Amazon Redshift and Amazon QuickSight to be able to quickly generate reports from their data lake. 


Availity left the AWS Data Lab with a functioning prototype that is performant, scalable, secure, and meets their business requirements. Only three months post-lab, Availity was able to move the CLAIR data and analytics platform to AWS and quickly materialize value by making patient data available to CLAIR APIs in near-real time. Using AWS managed services also allowed Availity to simultaneously improve its systems' resilience with an active/active deployment and make patient data available quicker to customers via APIs. Thanks to the AWS Data Lab, Availity has a scalable, resilient, and cost-efficient implementation pattern to replicate for all its future data needs.

“We left with a functioning prototype that was essential to our business, but the real value of the AWS Data Lab was a team-building effort.”

Michael Privat, VP of Digital and Cloud Migration, Availity

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  • About Availity
  • Availity is the place where healthcare finds the answers needed to shift focus back to patient care. As one of the nation’s largest health information networks, Availity facilitates billions of clinical, administrative, and financial transactions annually. Our suite of dynamic products, built on a powerful, intelligent platform, enables real-time collaboration for success in a competitive, value-based care environment.

  • About AWS Data Lab
  • AWS Data Lab offers accelerated, joint engineering engagements between customers and AWS technical resources to create tangible deliverables that accelerate data and analytics modernization initiatives. During the lab, AWS Data Lab Solutions Architects and AWS service experts support the customer by providing prescriptive architectural guidance, sharing best practices, and removing technical roadblocks. Customers leave the engagement with a prototype that is custom fit to their needs, a path to production, deeper knowledge of AWS services, and new relationships with AWS service experts.

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