Faculty who lead teams of students and postdocs in novel ML research are invited to apply for funding. We also welcome department-heads in Computer Science and related disciplines to apply for department-level funding. Please contact us for information on how to apply by emailing ml-research-awards@amazon.com.

Unlike ARA, AWS ML Research Awards funds

  • projects that require significant computing resources
  • multi-year projects
  • projects that include research staff, multiple faculty members, and multiple academic institutions
  • all machine learning topics, including ones not covered by ARA

Amazon Research Awards (ARA) funds one-year research projects conducted primarily by post-docs and PhD students under the supervision of a faculty member. To learn more about ARA, see: https://ara.amazon-ml.com

Credits remain active for two years.

We seek to fund a diverse set of projects across many ML areas and domains. Research areas of interest include computer vision, robotics, life sciences, language, speech, problem-solving, reasoning, and decision-making.

Yes, we welcome proposals from multiple faculty members, including faculty at separate institutions.