Full-time faculty members and university departments leading a team of students and postdocs at education institutions in North America and Europe which are conducting innovative research related to Machine Learning are eligible to apply. Awards provided to faculty or university institutions will support the researchers identified in the application conducting research under the guidance of this PI.

For interested applicants located outside of North America and Europe, please contact us to determine eligibility.

The amount awarded is at the discretion of the awards panel and may be be based on the number of applicants and number of awards granted during an award cycle. Awards are structured as one-year unrestricted gifts to academic institutions and can include funding and AWS Promotional Credits[1]. Though the funding is not extendable, applicants can submit new proposals for subsequent calls.

We accept applications on a rolling basis and will provide announcements after the end of each quarter of the calendar year.

Yes. We welcome proposals from a team of faculty members including faculty at separate institutions. All members of the research team can and should be mentioned in the proposal. If faculty from separate institutions will be applying please designate the proposed funding breakdown per institution.

We are happy to review non-confidential project proposals. As such, project proposals shall not contain any confidential information (please do not include any information in your proposal that you or others consider confidential). Amazon does not accept any legal obligation (whether of confidentiality, compensation, return or otherwise) with respect to any proposals. Amazon reserves the right to implement similar ideas in the future without restriction or obligation.

Project proposals are reviewed by an internal awards panel and the results are communicated approximately three months after submission deadlines. We will communicate the decision to the primary Principal Investigator listed on each proposal, and may make an announcement on the AWS MLRA website. We expect the primary Principle Investigator to notify the rest of their team about funding decisions.

Recipients will have access to Amazon datasets that are already public, such as the Amazon Bin Image Dataset, but not to non-public data.

You will be required to provide a valid credit card to activate an AWS account and redeem any AWS Credits. Subject to the AWS Promotional Credit Terms, your credit card will not be charged for use of Eligible Services until you exceed available Credits. Please be aware that some services are not eligible for Credit redemption and you will be billed for any use of these Ineligible Services.

Unlike ARA, MLRA Research Awards funds

  • Projects that require significant computing resources
  • Multi-year projects
  • Projects that include research staff, multiple faculty members, and multiple academic institutions
  • All machine learning topics, including ones not covered by ARA

Amazon Research Awards (ARA) funds one-year research projects conducted primarily by post-docs and PhD students under the supervision of a faculty member. To learn more about ARA, see: https://ara.amazon-ml.com

We seek to fund a diverse set of projects across many ML areas and domains. Research areas of interest include ML advancements in computer vision, robotics, life sciences, language, speech, problem-solving, reasoning, and decision-making.