Fully managed EDI – AWS B2B Data Interchange

Automate and transform Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) documents at scale

Why B2B Data Interchange?

AWS B2B Data Interchange automates the transformation of EDI-based business-critical transactions at scale, with elasticity and pay-as-you-go pricing. B2B Data Interchange reduces the time, complexity, and costs incurred to build and manage EDI with your trading partners, letting you focus on using the transacted data to gain insights.

Benefits of B2B Data Interchange

Build and manage EDI-based workflows
Reduce the time, complexity, and cost associated with building and managing EDI solutions with your business partners. Increase the efficiency of transactions such as order fulfillment, claims processing, inventory management, shipping and logistics, and procurement.
Use the data to make more informed decisions to grow your business and proactively manage disruptions or risks. Use a low-code interface for EDI onboarding, transformation, and enrichment, so you can quickly use the processed data in business applications and for analytics solutions.
Invite your business partners to integrate with B2B Data Interchange, so you can receive instant visibility into your communication and transformation errors and anomalies. B2B Data Interchange removes the need to manually intervene in the technical validation process.
Only pay for active trading partner profiles and transformed EDI documents.

B2B Data Interchange use cases

Use a low-code EDI mapper to configure and automate B2B data integrations at scale.

Onboard, manage, and interact with trading partners, allowing you and your partners to adopt EDI at scale.
Detect inbound EDI document errors and set alerts for operational metrics and log reports.

Hydrate your data lake with real-time access to insights.