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Amazon Aurora Digest – APN Partner Highlights

Editor’s Note: Each month, we plan on doing an Amazon Aurora digest to highlight pieces from our APN Partners that profile Amazon Aurora.

Have you used Amazon Aurora? Have you helped your customers migrate to Aurora?

More and more, our APN Partners are telling us about the work that they’re doing with Aurora. We want to share with you a note from our Amazon Aurora team, along with links to a number of pieces of informational content developed by a few APN Partners highlighting Amazon Aurora best practices.

Amazon Aurora is a MySQL-compatible relational database engine that combines the speed, availability and security of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. Our customers run mission-critical database workloads across multiple industries and our partners have been an important driver of customer success. We value the expertise that our partners bring to the table and support them through tools and training as customers continue to migrate increasingly complex workloads to Aurora. As we continue to help organizations move to Aurora and AWS, we look forward to strengthening and expanding our relationship with APN Partners.

– The Amazon Aurora team

Case Studies


CorpInfo, a Premier APN Consulting Partner: AWS Case Study – GoGuardian

AppsAssociates, a Premier APN Consulting Partner: PetTrax – Migrating to Amazon Aurora

Webinars & Presentations


AppsAssociates recorded joint webinar: Deploying High Performance Databases in the Cloud

Alfresco, an Advanced APN Technology Partner: Scaling Massive Content Stores with Amazon Aurora



AppsAssociates ebook: Three Reasons to Migrate your Database to the Cloud

AppsAssociates whitepaper: Amazon Aurora, A Fast, Affordable and Powerful RDBMS

Blog Posts


Alfresco: How Alfresco powered a 1.2 Billion document deployment on Amazon Web Services

BluePi, a Standard APN Consulting Partner: Amazon Aurora – Superior Cloud Database


Do you have links to content you’d like to share with us detailing how your firm has used Amazon Aurora to provide additional value to customers? Let us know! Email us: