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Announcing a Wide Range of AWS Test Drives to Meet Business Needs

I love the AWS Test Drive Program. In my opinion, it’s one of the most effective ways for customers to experiment with and educate themselves around different enterprise solutions from our APN Partners on AWS. It offers customers and other partners alike an unparalleled opportunity to test out different solutions on the AWS platform to see how these solutions can address their business needs with AWS.

We’ve recently released a couple of educational videos on the AWS Test Drive Program, which I encourage you to check out:

Our APN Partners work tirelessly to launch and develop new AWS Test Drives, and I’m excited to tell you about nine new AWS Test Drives that have recently launched from both our Technology and Consulting Partners.

New AWS Test Drives

Partner: Fortinet

Test Drive: Configuring High Availability Fortinet’s Next Generation Firewall

What Business Need does this Solution Address?:

Cyber security. With this Test Drive, you can experience Fortinet product IT administration user interface and walk through a full range of network security features, including firewall, intrusion prevention (IPS), antivirus (AV), application control, WAN optimization, data loss prevention (DLP), web filtering, anti-spam filtering, and explicit proxy in AWS.

More Information from Fortinet:

With the consistent management user interface, this Test Drive lab provides a great passage to understand many other Fortinet appliances. Fortinet protects the most valuable assets of some of the largest enterprise, service provider and government organizations across the globe. The company works with more than 210,000 customers worldwide.


Partner: Symantec

Test Drive: Symantec NetBackup Platform

What Business Need does this Solution Address?:

Backup on AWS. In this 3-hr Test Drive, you can experience a single, intuitive management console that reveals all backup and recovery activity, allowing consistent policies and service levels to be enforced across the enterprise. This Test Drive shows how to prBootect an environment that is totally in Amazon EC2, including the workload and the backup domain.

More Information from Symantec:

By trying out the Test Drive, customers can see how easy it is to configure NetBackup to use S3 as a backup repository both for sending data from their ow-premises data center, as well as from workloads that exist in EC2. APN partners who are interested in offering a backup solution that includes NetBackup can see how easy it is to configure NetBackup to use S3 compatible object storage.


Test Drives: MySQL on Oracle Linux, Oracle Database 12c on Oracle Linux, and Oracle WebLogic on Oracle Linux

What Business Needs do these Solutions Address?:

Oracle on AWS. All three Test Drives take about an hour to complete. The MySQL on Oracle Linux Test Drive provides a fully functional environment to test out MySQL running on Oracle Linux.

The Oracle Database 12c on Oracle Linux Test Drive provides a fully functional environment to test out Oracle Database 12c running on Oracle Linux.

Finally, the Oracle WebLogic on Oracle Linux Test Drive provides a fully functional environment to test out Oracle WebLogic running on Oracle Linux.

Partner: Strafford Technology

Test Drives: SAP BPC 10 and Hyperion Financial Management

What Business Need does this Solution Address?:

SAP and Oracle on AWS. Both Test Drives come with the full functionality of the on-premises versions of the products.

The SAP BPC 10.0 Microsoft Test Drive provides access to the latest version of the Best of Breed Planning and Consolidation reporting application from SAP. Users will create and adjust a forecast based on historical financial information, and will walk through an example Business Process Flow.

The Hyperion Financial Management Test Drive provides access to the latest version of the Best of Breed Financial Reporting and Consolidation application from Oracle. The user will enter data, consolidate financial data, and create and post journal entries. The user will access financials through the web-based application (workspace) which is accessible via a remote desktop connection.

Partner: Boomerang

Test Drive: Boomerang VM Migration/DRaaS

What Business Need does this Solution Address?:

VM Migration, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), and backup/recovery on AWS. Boomerang is a virtual application that replicates vSphere VMs into AWS, can automatically remodel as native AWS AMIs, and can bring it all back to vSphere. The Test Drive includes Boomerang on AWS for a 7-day trial.

More Information from Boomerang:

Boomerang Test Drive participants can easily access the speed and simplicity of migrating VMs into the AWS cloud, or use AWS as a DRaaS or backup solution for the vSphere VMs. This Test Drive uses the participants’ own VMs, enabling them to view what they would experience using Boomerang and AWS together.

For APN Partners, the Boomerang Test Drive is a good tool for VM migration customer demonstrations, proving VM DRaaS on AWS, and for validating their own solutions for customers considering the cloud who currently use vSphere.

Boomerang highlighted one customer’s experience for us, explaining that this customer installed Boomerang in less than 30 minutes, migrated 70 VMs into AWS, and automatically converted to native AMIs in under 24 hours.

Partner: Palo Alto

Test Drive: Palo Alto Networks VM-Series for AWS

What Business Need does this Solution Address?:

Cyber security. The VM-Series next generation firewall allows you to use application specific firewall policies and advanced threat protection. Lasting less than one hour but staying active for up to 3 hours, this Test Drive provides an overview of the VM-Series user interface, as well as hands-on experience in building an application-specific firewall policy, executing a simulated attack that is then blocked, and using the log viewer for validation and forensics.

More information from Palo Alto:         

The VM-Series for AWS Test Drive will show customers how they can improve their security posture by gaining visibility into the traffic traversing their AWS implementation, reducing their threat exposure by implementing positive control model firewall policies that are based on applications, and applying application-specific threat prevention policies to blog known and unknown threats.

In addition to the product resell opportunity of the VM-Series for AWS, APN Partner can expand their business by acting as a strategic advisor for customers, guiding customers towards the appropriate product mix that includes network security solutions such as the VM-Series.


Learn more about all of these Test Drives by visiting the main AWS Test Drive site. If you’re an APN Partner interested in developing an AWS Test Drive, click here.