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APN Partners Can Help You Get Started with AWS Remote Work Resources

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has resources and tools to make remote work and e-learning as easy as possible customers during this unprecedented time.

AWS solutions include remote desktops and applications, tools for communication and collaboration, and contact center solutions. Employees, contact center agents, and students can work remotely and learn more easily with Amazon Connect, Amazon WorkSpaces, and Amazon AppStream 2.0, among others.

For customers, AWS contact center solutions and remote desktop and application services can be deployed quickly and scale globally with the help of AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to APN Partners in our Amazon Connect Service Delivery Program and AWS End User Computing (EUC) Competency Program.

Amazon Connect Delivery Partners

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The AWS Service Delivery Program endorses APN Consulting Partners that have a deep understanding of specific AWS services like Amazon Connect.

Amazon Connect Delivery Partners are APN Consulting Partners who help companies build cloud contact centers.

By leveraging Amazon Connect, APN Partners can help you improve customer experience and outcomes at a lower cost.

To receive this designation, APN Partners must undergo service-specific technical validation by AWS Partner Solutions Architects, including review of architecture, customer documentation, and customer case study details to ensure they follow AWS best practices.

Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center that helps companies provide superior customer service at a lower cost.

Over 10 years ago, Amazon’s retail business needed a contact center that would give our customers personal, dynamic, and natural experiences. We couldn’t find one that met our needs, so we built it. We’ve now made this available for all businesses, and today thousands of companies ranging from 10 to tens of thousands of agents use Amazon Connect to serve millions of customers daily.

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AWS End User Computing Competency Partners


The AWS Competency Program highlights APN Partners with demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success.

AWS End User Computing (EUC) Competency Partners support customers who need to provision, protect, and gain intelligence from end-point devices.

These trusted APN Consulting Partners help customers with strategy, professional services, managing infrastructure, repeatable intellectual property, and optimization of EUC technologies on AWS.

We built AWS EUC services to give you the agility to respond to the changing needs of your workforce. You can scale up or scale down on-demand, providing users with the resources they need, all without deploying and operating infrastructure.

AWS EUC services are fully-managed, pay-as-you-go, reliable, and secure. Onboard new users with a few clicks or automated API calls, and remove them just as easily. You simply mange your users, applications, images, and policies, and no longer operate complicated hardware deployments. Your company data is no longer stored on users’ devices, and you control access with fine grained controls.

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For APN Partners: Build Your Expertise

If you’re an APN Partner looking to build a business practice in the remote work space, consider honing your skills and expertise in the following areas.

Contact Center: Build expertise to implement customer experience solutions with Amazon Connect. The APN Navigate track for Contact Center prepares you to apply for the Amazon Connect Service Delivery designation. These validated APN Partners provide best practices in design and implementation of contact center solutions that are optimized for cost, reliability, security, performance, and scalability.

End User Computing (EUC): Build expertise to support AWS customer desktop and application streaming solutions on AWS. The APN Navigate track for EUC helps you prepare to apply for the AWS End User Computing Competency. These validated APN Partners support customers needing to provision, protect, and gain intelligence from end-point devices.

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