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New AWS Test Drives Added Across Solution Areas

A lot of action happened throughout the week at re:Invent 2015, including the launch of a record number of AWS Test Drives leading up to the event and during the week. The Test Drive team was hard at work throughout re:Invent providing demos of these test drives, and today I want to highlight all of the great Test Drives launched.


It’s no secret how highly I think of the AWS Test Drive program. Providing customers with a Test Drive of your solution on AWS is a very effective way to help educate customers on the value your solution can bring to address their business needs on AWS. Test Drives are also an effective way for you to accelerate the sales cycle by transitioning customers to Proof of Concepts (POCs). I’m excited to share with you the wealth of new Test Drives recently launched, and I encourage you to think about how you can utilize the AWS Test Drive program to provide additional value to customers on AWS, and to build your business. Please note that a number of these Test Drives cut across solution areas and categories.

Big Data

DgSecure Sandbox – Dataguise

Total Cost of Ownership Modeling Service – eGlobalTech

Redshift Staging, Data Warehousing, and Data Integration – Informatica

Infosys Information Platform (IIP) – Infosys

inStream: BI & Anaytics Platform powered by Qlik Sense – IPC

HP Vertica for SQL on Hadoop – MapR

REAN Docs – REAN Cloud

Graph DB Exploration with Neo4J – Sysgain

Big Data Insights: Apache Drill & Spotfire – Syntelli


Cloudamatic Advanced Automated Deployments – eGlobalTech

Cloudamatic Basic Automated Deployments – eGlobalTech

Managed Services Test Drive – REAN Cloud

I’d like to highlight this test drive from one of our newest Premier APN Partners. The REAN Managed Service Provider Test Drive shows how you can use various monitoring, alerting, and dashboard tools combined with the programmatic access to AWS infrastructure and logs to create a comprehensive view of your cloud-based infrastructure. This test drive will walk the user through setting up a representative business application, Drupal, and the management tools as part of a Managed Services Provider offering to enable a secured architecture in the cloud, along with the tools that provide VPN access, log ingestion, monitoring, dash boarding, and securing the security posture of the Amazon EC2 instances within your Virtual Private Cloud. 

REAN Pipeline 1: Leverage AWS in a Continuous Integration and Development Workflow – REAN Cloud

REAN Pipeline 2: Leverage Open Source Code Tools on AWS for DevOps Workflow – REAN Cloud

Accelerate Application Delivery with OpenShift Enterprise (V3) – RedHat


Healthcare MDM in a Box – Cloudticity

Marketing & Commerce

CloudMGR Test Drive – CloudMGR

CAP+ Clock Auction – NCI, inc.

CAP+ SMR Auction – NCI, inc.

REAN Customer Experience – REAN Cloud

REAN Insights – REAN Cloud

REAN Learning – REAN Cloud

Panto Sistema de Administración de Empresas – TMake


Secure Remote Access with Barracuda NG Firewall – Barracuda

Cavirin ARAP Test Drive – Cavirin

AWS CLI with Okta – Okta

REAN Monitoring – REAN Cloud


Sophos UTM Mobile VPN – Sophos

Symantec Control Compliance Suite – Symantec


Efficiently Backup to Amazon S3 with NetApp AltaVault – NetApp

NetApp Cloud ONTAP with OpenStack – NetApp

NetApp Cloud ONTAP + Cloud Manager with NFS – NetApp

Backing up to Amazon S3 with Backup Exec 15 – Veritas

Backing up to Amazon S3 with NetBackup 7.7 – Veritas

Backing up to Amazon S3 with NetBackup 7.7 – RHEL Master Server – Veritas

Backing up to Amazon S3 with NetBackup 7.7 – Windows Master Server – Veritas

Storage Deduplication with NetBackup – Veritas

Line of Business

Newgen Intelligent Business Process Suite (iBPS) & Enterprise Content Management – Newgen

Deployment, Management, and Utilities

Enterprise-Grade DNS/IPAM and Visibility in AWS – Infoblox

Microsoft Solutions

Dynamics NAV on AWS – Blue Star Infotec

Workforce Management Portal – nicheBees

REAN Mail – REAN Cloud

Oracle Solutions 

Oracle to Amazon Aurora RDS Migration – Apps Associates

I also want to highlight this Test Drive from new Premier APN Consulting Partner Apps Associates. Amazon Aurora is a MySQL-compatible, relational database engine that combines the speed and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. Try this lab to experience migrating an Oracle database to Amazon Aurora RDS using the Amazon RDS Migration tool.


To learn about becoming an AWS Test Drive Partner, click here.