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Building a Successful Oracle AWS Test Drive – DLZP Group, an APN Consulting Partner

We’ve recently begun to highlight a number of new AWS Test Drives that have been released by both APN Consulting and APN Technology Partners, and we can’t wait to see what’s still to come from our innovative APN Partner ecosystem throughout 2015. As we continue to highlight new AWS Test Drives throughout the year, we’ll also be telling you about some of the successes APN Partners have had in building and offering AWS Test Drives to end customers.

Today we’re going to discuss DLZP Group, an APN Consulting Partner who built and offered one of the very first AWS Test Drives labs.

Who is DLZP Group?

Founded in 2011, DLZP Group is a woman- and minority-owned company with a focus on implementing, migrating, hosting, and managing Oracle applications on the AWS Cloud. The company has been focused on helping people move and implement Oracle PeopleSoft applications to the AWS Cloud.

With a strong AWS relationship and a large network of robust Oracle relationships, DLZP Group is in a unique position to offer clients the expertise, vital connections, and innovation required for a cost-effective, customized solution. DLZP Group’s range of service options are a combination of the traditional delivery method, coupled with a web-based subscription that provides a more tailored, cost-effective solution. The company has been an APN Partner since 2012.

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

AWS’ pace of innovation, AWS products and services, scalability, and reduced implementation time for clients on AWS were a few of the key drivers for DLZP Group to work with AWS. “DLZP Group strives to be an industry leader and develop relationships with companies that are like-minded and innovative in their service and product offerings. We wanted to work with AWS because we saw from the outset that AWS services were a game changer and would significantly impact the industry,” said David Brunet, VP of Research and Development at DLZP Group. The ability to scale on-demand and reach customers both large and small was another benefit of offering solutions on AWS. “We can scale instances as they grow, or down as they shrink. We can offer the service for a smaller customer (for instance, a 10-person company who uses PeopleSoft), and provide them with the same architecture that much larger organizations use,” explained Brunet. Additionally, Brunet estimates that the reduction in implementation time on AWS saves clients between 15 – 20 percent in costs per deployment.

DLZP Group uses a number of AWS services to architect a high availability PeopleSoft implementation on AWS, including Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2) to host the individual components of the architecture, Amazon Route 53 on the front-end for DNS entry tracking, and Elastic Load Balancing to balance incoming traffic. For web servers, the company uses Auto Scaling to scale up as people use the sites. “Another important piece is the file server, according to Brunet. “We take all of the files generated by PeopleSoft AWS, store them on a centralized file server, and that server is then backed up to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), so that we get that information stored and saved.” AWS CloudFormation is used to script the environment, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk is used for automation and repeatability of the architecture. Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), is used on the backend for PeopleSoft software on AWS and is described by Brunet as, “an industry game changer. With the ability to leverage a license-included model, customers can easily scale up or down, eliminating the need to procure additional hardware while still providing a high performance service.”

Why Build an AWS Test Drive?

DLZP decided to work with AWS Test Drive to provide customers an efficient and effective way to become familiar with hosting PeopleSoft environments on AWS. “As PeopleSoft experts, the opportunity to provide potential customers with the ability to evaluate a private and customized PeopleSoft environment running on AWS was an exciting prospect and a great way for us to help customers become familiar with AWS Cloud technology,” said Brunet.

As one of the founding APN Partners in the AWS Test Drive Program, DLZP Group worked closely with internal AWS teams to develop one of the first AWS Test Drives offered, and were the second APN Partner to publish a live test drive. “We worked very closely with the AWS Test Drive team to build our test drive lab, and found it to be a true collaborative effort,” said Brunet. The DLZP Group team built the architecture in the AMI with consistent feedback from AWS.

PeopleSoft Test Drives on AWS

The AWS Test Drive offers DLZP Group a unique opportunity to provide customers the opportunity to evaluate PeopleSoft software on AWS. “Through the Test Drive program, customers can evaluate a private and customized PeopleSoft environment running on the AWS Cloud, all provisioned in minutes with step-by-step instructions for using and evaluating the environment. PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) and PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management (FSCM) applications can all be experienced via the AWS Cloud,” said Brunet.

Some of the use cases that the DLZP team deploy for customers who use Oracle on AWS include:

  • Production instances of enterprise applications and databases
  • Development and test instances for enterprise and custom applications
  • Disaster recovery sites on AWS
  • Training, POC, sandbox, patch testing, and debugging instances

The Benefits of Working with AWS Test Drive

Brunet believes that working with AWS has helped DLZP Group differentiate itself in the industry, and has contributed to a growing customer base for the company. Through its AWS Test Drive, the company has been able to increase awareness of PeopleSoft on AWS, and educate potential customers around the success they can experience in running PeopleSoft on AWS.

“The AWS Test Drive program has been very successful in providing clients with confidence in the process of moving applications to AWS. Clients see that the applications will function with the same performance, security, and capabilities that their on-premises solutions provide. We’ve been able to connect to numerous customers who found us solely through the AWS Test Drive program,” said Brunet. He continued, “The AWS Test Drive has provided us with a focus and a strong reputation as a company with expertise in cloud services.”

What’s Next?

The DLZP Group team plans on expanding the number of AWS Test Drives they offer, and is working closely with additional software vendors to provide test drives of their software.

To take a spin in a DLZP Test Drive, click here. To learn more about DLZP, visit the company’s AWS Partner Directory listing.