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New AWS Test Drives Added Across Solution Areas

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A lot of action happened throughout the week at re:Invent 2015, including the launch of a record number of AWS Test Drives leading up to the event and during the week. The Test Drive team was hard at work throughout re:Invent providing demos of these test drives, and today I want to highlight all of the great Test Drives launched.


It’s no secret how highly I think of the AWS Test Drive program. Providing customers with a Test Drive of your solution on AWS is a very effective way to help educate customers on the value your solution can bring to address their business needs on AWS. Test Drives are also an effective way for you to accelerate the sales cycle by transitioning customers to Proof of Concepts (POCs). I’m excited to share with you the wealth of new Test Drives recently launched, and I encourage you to think about how you can utilize the AWS Test Drive program to provide additional value to customers on AWS, and to build your business. Please note that a number of these Test Drives cut across solution areas and categories.

Big Data

DgSecure Sandbox – Dataguise

Total Cost of Ownership Modeling Service – eGlobalTech

Redshift Staging, Data Warehousing, and Data Integration – Informatica

Infosys Information Platform (IIP) – Infosys

inStream: BI & Anaytics Platform powered by Qlik Sense – IPC

HP Vertica for SQL on Hadoop – MapR

REAN Docs – REAN Cloud

Graph DB Exploration with Neo4J – Sysgain

Big Data Insights: Apache Drill & Spotfire – Syntelli


Cloudamatic Advanced Automated Deployments – eGlobalTech

Cloudamatic Basic Automated Deployments – eGlobalTech

Managed Services Test Drive – REAN Cloud

I’d like to highlight this test drive from one of our newest Premier APN Partners. The REAN Managed Service Provider Test Drive shows how you can use various monitoring, alerting, and dashboard tools combined with the programmatic access to AWS infrastructure and logs to create a comprehensive view of your cloud-based infrastructure. This test drive will walk the user through setting up a representative business application, Drupal, and the management tools as part of a Managed Services Provider offering to enable a secured architecture in the cloud, along with the tools that provide VPN access, log ingestion, monitoring, dash boarding, and securing the security posture of the Amazon EC2 instances within your Virtual Private Cloud. 

REAN Pipeline 1: Leverage AWS in a Continuous Integration and Development Workflow – REAN Cloud

REAN Pipeline 2: Leverage Open Source Code Tools on AWS for DevOps Workflow – REAN Cloud

Accelerate Application Delivery with OpenShift Enterprise (V3) – RedHat


Healthcare MDM in a Box – Cloudticity

Marketing & Commerce

CloudMGR Test Drive – CloudMGR

CAP+ Clock Auction – NCI, inc.

CAP+ SMR Auction – NCI, inc.

REAN Customer Experience – REAN Cloud

REAN Insights – REAN Cloud

REAN Learning – REAN Cloud

Panto Sistema de Administración de Empresas – TMake


Secure Remote Access with Barracuda NG Firewall – Barracuda

Cavirin ARAP Test Drive – Cavirin

AWS CLI with Okta – Okta

REAN Monitoring – REAN Cloud


Sophos UTM Mobile VPN – Sophos

Symantec Control Compliance Suite – Symantec


Efficiently Backup to Amazon S3 with NetApp AltaVault – NetApp

NetApp Cloud ONTAP with OpenStack – NetApp

NetApp Cloud ONTAP + Cloud Manager with NFS – NetApp

Backing up to Amazon S3 with Backup Exec 15 – Veritas

Backing up to Amazon S3 with NetBackup 7.7 – Veritas

Backing up to Amazon S3 with NetBackup 7.7 – RHEL Master Server – Veritas

Backing up to Amazon S3 with NetBackup 7.7 – Windows Master Server – Veritas

Storage Deduplication with NetBackup – Veritas

Line of Business

Newgen Intelligent Business Process Suite (iBPS) & Enterprise Content Management – Newgen

Deployment, Management, and Utilities

Enterprise-Grade DNS/IPAM and Visibility in AWS – Infoblox

Microsoft Solutions

Dynamics NAV on AWS – Blue Star Infotec

Workforce Management Portal – nicheBees

REAN Mail – REAN Cloud

Oracle Solutions 

Oracle to Amazon Aurora RDS Migration – Apps Associates

I also want to highlight this Test Drive from new Premier APN Consulting Partner Apps Associates. Amazon Aurora is a MySQL-compatible, relational database engine that combines the speed and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. Try this lab to experience migrating an Oracle database to Amazon Aurora RDS using the Amazon RDS Migration tool.


To learn about becoming an AWS Test Drive Partner, click here.


Interested in Publishing a New AWS Test Drive Before re:Invent?

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There’s never been a better time to explore how the AWS Test Drive Program can help you reach your target customer base on AWS. As I’ve said before, the AWS Test Drive program is a key program for APN Partners. It provides you with a very effective opportunity to showcase your enterprise solutions on AWS to prospective customers, and to educate them on how a particular solution may address their business needs. If you’re an APN Competency Partner, you can develop a Test Drive that demonstrates your areas of expertise on AWS. Do you offer products on AWS Marketplace? You may consider having a Test Drive that then links to your offerings. If you develop SaaS solutions on AWS, I encourage you to think about how you may be able to use Test Drive to illustrate the benefits of your offerings to end customers. The Test Drive framework allows you to publish multiple Test Drives with the same Orbitera account, with the goal of making it easy to reach different target audiences by providing you with the ability to publish multiple audience-specific Test Drives.

For a limited time, we’ve increased the AWS Test Drive start-up bonus to $3,000 in AWS usage credits. This is a great opportunity for your firm if you’ve been considering developing and publishing a new or additional AWS Test Drive prior to AWS re:Invent. To receive the increased start-up bonus, you must commit to publishing a new Test Drive before September 15th, 2015.

To learn more about the Test Drive program, click here or take a look at the video below:

If you have any questions about the program, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Test Drive team at

Announcing a Wide Range of AWS Test Drives to Meet Business Needs

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I love the AWS Test Drive Program. In my opinion, it’s one of the most effective ways for customers to experiment with and educate themselves around different enterprise solutions from our APN Partners on AWS. It offers customers and other partners alike an unparalleled opportunity to test out different solutions on the AWS platform to see how these solutions can address their business needs with AWS.

We’ve recently released a couple of educational videos on the AWS Test Drive Program, which I encourage you to check out:

Our APN Partners work tirelessly to launch and develop new AWS Test Drives, and I’m excited to tell you about nine new AWS Test Drives that have recently launched from both our Technology and Consulting Partners.

New AWS Test Drives

Partner: Fortinet

Test Drive: Configuring High Availability Fortinet’s Next Generation Firewall

What Business Need does this Solution Address?:

Cyber security. With this Test Drive, you can experience Fortinet product IT administration user interface and walk through a full range of network security features, including firewall, intrusion prevention (IPS), antivirus (AV), application control, WAN optimization, data loss prevention (DLP), web filtering, anti-spam filtering, and explicit proxy in AWS.

More Information from Fortinet:

With the consistent management user interface, this Test Drive lab provides a great passage to understand many other Fortinet appliances. Fortinet protects the most valuable assets of some of the largest enterprise, service provider and government organizations across the globe. The company works with more than 210,000 customers worldwide.


Partner: Symantec

Test Drive: Symantec NetBackup Platform

What Business Need does this Solution Address?:

Backup on AWS. In this 3-hr Test Drive, you can experience a single, intuitive management console that reveals all backup and recovery activity, allowing consistent policies and service levels to be enforced across the enterprise. This Test Drive shows how to prBootect an environment that is totally in Amazon EC2, including the workload and the backup domain.

More Information from Symantec:

By trying out the Test Drive, customers can see how easy it is to configure NetBackup to use S3 as a backup repository both for sending data from their own premise data center, as well as from workloads that exist in EC2. APN partners who are interested in offering a backup solution that includes NetBackup can see how easy it is to configure NetBackup to use S3 compatible object storage.


Test Drives: MySQL on Oracle Linux, Oracle Database 12c on Oracle Linux, and Oracle WebLogic on Oracle Linux

What Business Needs do these Solutions Address?:

Oracle on AWS. All three Test Drives take about an hour to complete. The MySQL on Oracle Linux Test Drive provides a fully functional environment to test out MySQL running on Oracle Linux.

The Oracle Database 12c on Oracle Linux Test Drive provides a fully functional environment to test out Oracle Database 12c running on Oracle Linux.

Finally, the Oracle WebLogic on Oracle Linux Test Drive provides a fully functional environment to test out Oracle WebLogic running on Oracle Linux.

Partner: Strafford Technology

Test Drives: SAP BPC 10 and Hyperion Financial Management

What Business Need does this Solution Address?:

SAP and Oracle on AWS. Both Test Drives come with the full functionality of the on-premises versions of the products.

The SAP BPC 10.0 Microsoft Test Drive provides access to the latest version of the Best of Breed Planning and Consolidation reporting application from SAP. Users will create and adjust a forecast based on historical financial information, and will walk through an example Business Process Flow.

The Hyperion Financial Management Test Drive provides access to the latest version of the Best of Breed Financial Reporting and Consolidation application from Oracle. The user will enter data, consolidate financial data, and create and post journal entries. The user will access financials through the web-based application (workspace) which is accessible via a remote desktop connection.

Partner: Boomerang

Test Drive: Boomerang VM Migration/DRaaS

What Business Need does this Solution Address?:

VM Migration, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), and backup/recovery on AWS. Boomerang is a virtual application that replicates vSphere VMs into AWS, can automatically remodel as native AWS AMIs, and can bring it all back to vSphere. The Test Drive includes Boomerang on AWS for a 7-day trial.

More Information from Boomerang:

Boomerang Test Drive participants can easily access the speed and simplicity of migrating VMs into the AWS cloud, or use AWS as a DRaaS or backup solution for the vSphere VMs. This Test Drive uses the participants’ own VMs, enabling them to view what they would experience using Boomerang and AWS together.

For APN Partners, the Boomerang Test Drive is a good tool for VM migration customer demonstrations, proving VM DRaaS on AWS, and for validating their own solutions for customers considering the cloud who currently use vSphere.

Boomerang highlighted one customer’s experience for us, explaining that this customer installed Boomerang in less than 30 minutes, migrated 70 VMs into AWS, and automatically converted to native AMIs in under 24 hours.

Partner: Palo Alto

Test Drive: Palo Alto Networks VM-Series for AWS

What Business Need does this Solution Address?:

Cyber security. The VM-Series next generation firewall allows you to use application specific firewall policies and advanced threat protection. Lasting less than one hour but staying active for up to 3 hours, this Test Drive provides an overview of the VM-Series user interface, as well as hands-on experience in building an application-specific firewall policy, executing a simulated attack that is then blocked, and using the log viewer for validation and forensics.

More information from Palo Alto:         

The VM-Series for AWS Test Drive will show customers how they can improve their security posture by gaining visibility into the traffic traversing their AWS implementation, reducing their threat exposure by implementing positive control model firewall policies that are based on applications, and applying application-specific threat prevention policies to blog known and unknown threats.

In addition to the product resell opportunity of the VM-Series for AWS, APN Partner can expand their business by acting as a strategic advisor for customers, guiding customers towards the appropriate product mix that includes network security solutions such as the VM-Series.


Learn more about all of these Test Drives by visiting the main AWS Test Drive site. If you’re an APN Partner interested in developing an AWS Test Drive, click here.

AWS GovCloud (US) Test Drive Development – InfoReliance, an Advanced APN Consulting Partner

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Developing an AWS Test Drive is a cost-effective and efficient way for APN Partners to provide enterprise solutions for customers to experiment with on the AWS platform. We work with a number of APN Partners who focus on the public sector, and we’re pleased to offer AWS Test Drives for the AWS GovCloud (US) Region. We recently caught up with InfoReliance Corporation, an Advanced APN Consulting Partner who was one of the inaugural AWS Test Drive partners, and is one of two APN Partners to have developed Test Drives for the AWS GovCloud (US) region, along with a number of Microsoft-related Test Drives available in other AWS regions.

Who is InfoReliance?


 InfoReliance is a specialized information technology (IT) consulting firm serving the U.S. Federal Government and public sector, as  well as healthcare and commercial customers. “Our highly focused mission is to solve our customers’ complex business problems and  provide them with optimal and sustainable business value. InfoReliance accomplishes this by leveraging our corporate expertise in the  development of world-class software, and in the design and implementation of the supporting IT infrastructure and security,” said  John Sankovich, VP of Cloud Services at InfoReliance.

Along with being an Advanced Partner, InfoReliance is a SharePoint Competency Partner, an AWS Channel Reseller, and an audited AWS Managed Service Partner. The company has been an APN Partner for three years, and was awarded the 2014 AWS Partner ‘Invent and Simplify’ award at re:Invent.

Why AWS?

As a provider of software solutions and services that span from cloud roadmap and business case analysis to 24/7/365 ongoing cloud support, InfoReliance sought to work with a cloud provider whose maturity, global scale, and breadth of services would allow its team to focus on development rather than day-to-day infrastructure maintenance. The team decided to work with AWS, and has experienced a number of benefits working as an APN Partner. “The AWS global scale and pace of innovation allows us to focus on delivering enterprise-class managed applications and software development, free from the challenge of maintaining complex IT infrastructures,” explained John Sankovich. “In working with AWS, we can focus on what we do best, which is developing mission-critical software solutions for our customers to help them achieve their goals.”

As the team began to work closely with AWS, they quickly identified AWS Test Drives as an innovative method with which to provide solutions for customers to try on AWS.

The Initial AWS Test Drive Engagement

InfoReliance became one of the first APN Partners to work with the AWS Test Drive team and to develop a Test Drive to launch on AWS. “We were one of the first APN Partners to get involved with the Test Drive program, and we worked closely with the highly responsive AWS Test Drive team to develop a Microsoft Office 2013 SharePoint Test Drive. This was shared at re:Invent 2013 by the AWS Test Drive team, and we went on to develop Test Drives for various Microsoft, McAfee, and ESRI products. We’ve focused on developing Test Drives on AWS GovCloud (US),” said John Sankovich. The team found the creation, implementation, and launch process to be fairly straightforward, as the AWS Solutions Architects (SAs) and developers engaged in the process had deep expertise in the technologies utilized.

Current InfoReliance AWS Test Drive Offerings

InfoReliance currently offers the following Test Drives on AWS GovCloud (US):

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Esri Maps for Microsoft SharePoint
  • Dynamics CRM 2013
  • RSA Archer Incident Management
  • McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint
  • McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)

“We were chosen by Intel Security and RSA to create and manage AWS Test Drives for some of their tools,” explained John Sankovich. “These solutions will allow organizations who may be interested in a product we’re offering, but who want to learn more about the product prior to purchasing get hands-on experience with the product on AWS.”

In addition, the team has launched the following Microsoft-related Test Drives on AWS:

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Esri Maps for Microsoft SharePoint
  • Exchange Server 2013

The Benefits of Working with AWS Test Drive

Consumer awareness of InfoReliance and the solutions the company offers on AWS has grown steadily through participation in the AWS Test Drive program. “Through the AWS Test Drives we’ve deployed, we continue to see steady growth and major awareness of our company. We typically see 105 – 120 Test Drives launch per month, 10 percent of which typically result in customer engagement, and we have landed a half dozen deals where AWS Test Drives were involved during the process,” said John Sankovich. Mr. Sankovich also feels that in offering AWS Test Drives, InfoReliance differentiates itself as experts in its respective field. “In 2014, we received recognition as an Invent and Simplify Partner at re:Invent, and we feel a large part of this stems from the work that we have done and continue to do with AWS Test Drive.”

After attending an industry conference in the summer of 2013, InfoReliance gave a speech about AWS while demonstrating the AWS Test Drive for RSA Archer that the company had developed. Following the speech, team members spoke to an interested customer, and within three months, InfoReliance had a signed deal to provide RSA Archer as a Service to the customer. This key win was attributable to the Test Drive Program in the visibility it provided to InfoReliance, and the company’s capabilities and the power of AWS it displayed to the customer.

What’s Next for InfoReliance?

The InfoReliance team strives to provide customers with the ability to go from try-to-buy with any of the products the company offers through AWS Test Drive easily and efficiently, and is utilizing AWS Marketplace to do so. “Very soon, we will have the ability for users to try or evaluate a variety of McAfee products through AWS Test Drive, access a Free Trial in AWS Marketplace if they so choose, and then purchase a fully capable AMI in Marketplace,” said Aaron Faulkner, Chief Strategy Officer at InfoReliance.


New AWS Test Drive Available – MapR Technologies

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We’re excited to announce the recent launch of our newest AWS Test Drive from Advanced APN Technology Partner, MapR Technologies.

Apache Drill is an open source, low-latency query engine for Hadoop that delivers secure, interactive SQL analytics at petabyte scale. The MapR test drive provides free and fast access to a fully functioning MapR cluster. Users can experience for themselves MapR’s Hadoop distribution and the differentiated MapR data platform, which offers enterprise grade features like native NFS access, POSIX compliance, snapshots, mirrors, and active-active table replication along true multi-tenancy and strong authentication and security.

MapR’s recently deployed Test Drive demonstrates the power of Apache Drill and the unique capabilities of the MapR distribution. The MapR Test Drive is instantly available, stable, and an easy to use Hadoop demonstration platform for APN Partners who want to showcase how their products create business value when coupled with Hadoop. MapR would like to invite interested parties to build Test Drives that can showcase how their software works with Hadoop, and will work with companies over the second half of the year to set up and launch additional Hadoop-based Test Drives. If interested, please contact MapR via the company’s webpage here and a MapR business development representative will contact you directly.

To learn more about MapR, please visit the company’s AWS Partner Directory listing.

Building a Successful Oracle AWS Test Drive – DLZP Group, an APN Consulting Partner

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We’ve recently begun to highlight a number of new AWS Test Drives that have been released by both APN Consulting and APN Technology Partners, and we can’t wait to see what’s still to come from our innovative APN Partner ecosystem throughout 2015. As we continue to highlight new AWS Test Drives throughout the year, we’ll also be telling you about some of the successes APN Partners have had in building and offering AWS Test Drives to end customers.

Today we’re going to discuss DLZP Group, an APN Consulting Partner who built and offered one of the very first AWS Test Drives labs.

Who is DLZP Group?

Founded in 2011, DLZP Group is a woman- and minority-owned company with a focus on implementing, migrating, hosting, and managing Oracle applications on the AWS Cloud. The company has been focused on helping people move and implement Oracle PeopleSoft applications to the AWS Cloud.

With a strong AWS relationship and a large network of robust Oracle relationships, DLZP Group is in a unique position to offer clients the expertise, vital connections, and innovation required for a cost-effective, customized solution. DLZP Group’s range of service options are a combination of the traditional delivery method, coupled with a web-based subscription that provides a more tailored, cost-effective solution. The company has been an APN Partner since 2012.

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

AWS’ pace of innovation, AWS products and services, scalability, and reduced implementation time for clients on AWS were a few of the key drivers for DLZP Group to work with AWS. “DLZP Group strives to be an industry leader and develop relationships with companies that are like-minded and innovative in their service and product offerings. We wanted to work with AWS because we saw from the outset that AWS services were a game changer and would significantly impact the industry,” said David Brunet, VP of Research and Development at DLZP Group. The ability to scale on-demand and reach customers both large and small was another benefit of offering solutions on AWS. “We can scale instances as they grow, or down as they shrink. We can offer the service for a smaller customer (for instance, a 10-person company who uses PeopleSoft), and provide them with the same architecture that much larger organizations use,” explained Brunet. Additionally, Brunet estimates that the reduction in implementation time on AWS saves clients between 15 – 20 percent in costs per deployment.

DLZP Group uses a number of AWS services to architect a high availability PeopleSoft implementation on AWS, including Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2) to host the individual components of the architecture, Amazon Route 53 on the front-end for DNS entry tracking, and Elastic Load Balancing to balance incoming traffic. For web servers, the company uses Auto Scaling to scale up as people use the sites. “Another important piece is the file server, according to Brunet. “We take all of the files generated by PeopleSoft AWS, store them on a centralized file server, and that server is then backed up to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), so that we get that information stored and saved.” AWS CloudFormation is used to script the environment, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk is used for automation and repeatability of the architecture. Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), is used on the backend for PeopleSoft software on AWS and is described by Brunet as, “an industry game changer. With the ability to leverage a license-included model, customers can easily scale up or down, eliminating the need to procure additional hardware while still providing a high performance service.”

Why Build an AWS Test Drive?

DLZP decided to work with AWS Test Drive to provide customers an efficient and effective way to become familiar with hosting PeopleSoft environments on AWS. “As PeopleSoft experts, the opportunity to provide potential customers with the ability to evaluate a private and customized PeopleSoft environment running on AWS was an exciting prospect and a great way for us to help customers become familiar with AWS Cloud technology,” said Brunet.

As one of the founding APN Partners in the AWS Test Drive Program, DLZP Group worked closely with internal AWS teams to develop one of the first AWS Test Drives offered, and were the second APN Partner to publish a live test drive. “We worked very closely with the AWS Test Drive team to build our test drive lab, and found it to be a true collaborative effort,” said Brunet. The DLZP Group team built the architecture in the AMI with consistent feedback from AWS.

PeopleSoft Test Drives on AWS

The AWS Test Drive offers DLZP Group a unique opportunity to provide customers the opportunity to evaluate PeopleSoft software on AWS. “Through the Test Drive program, customers can evaluate a private and customized PeopleSoft environment running on the AWS Cloud, all provisioned in minutes with step-by-step instructions for using and evaluating the environment. PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) and PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management (FSCM) applications can all be experienced via the AWS Cloud,” said Brunet.

Some of the use cases that the DLZP team deploy for customers who use Oracle on AWS include:

  • Production instances of enterprise applications and databases
  • Development and test instances for enterprise and custom applications
  • Disaster recovery sites on AWS
  • Training, POC, sandbox, patch testing, and debugging instances

The Benefits of Working with AWS Test Drive

Brunet believes that working with AWS has helped DLZP Group differentiate itself in the industry, and has contributed to a growing customer base for the company. Through its AWS Test Drive, the company has been able to increase awareness of PeopleSoft on AWS, and educate potential customers around the success they can experience in running PeopleSoft on AWS.

“The AWS Test Drive program has been very successful in providing clients with confidence in the process of moving applications to AWS. Clients see that the applications will function with the same performance, security, and capabilities that their on-premise solutions provide. We’ve been able to connect to numerous customers who found us solely through the AWS Test Drive program,” said Brunet. He continued, “The AWS Test Drive has provided us with a focus and a strong reputation as a company with expertise in cloud services.”

What’s Next?

The DLZP Group team plans on expanding the number of AWS Test Drives they offer, and is working closely with additional software vendors to provide test drives of their software.

To take a spin in a DLZP Test Drive, click here. To learn more about DLZP, visit the company’s AWS Partner Directory listing.

Three New AWS Test Drives Available

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We’d like to tell you about our three newest AWS Test Drives, recently launched by APN Partners DLT Solutions, CloudEndure and REAN Solutions, and Symantec.

DLT Solutions

This test drive provides you with a hands on experience deploying applications with Red Hat’s OpenShift Enterprise v2.2 PaaS.  In this exercise you’ll discover how to help your development teams deliver applications faster in order to meet your growing business demands. This test drive allows customers to experience OpenShift Enterprise PaaS, which is slightly different from the OpenShift Online version.  By leveraging OpenShift Enterprise on AWS, customers can enjoy the benefits of a private PaaS for their enterprise – available only to their designated users – while taking advantage of the scalability and elasticity of AWS.

The combination of AWS and Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise can be very powerful for other APN Partners who specialize in providing custom applications to their customers (such as systems integrators and application developers). This combination allows those developers to focus on what they do best – creating innovative software solutions for their customers – rather than dealing with virtual machines, operating systems, and infrastructure components.

To try the DLT OpenShift Enterprise (v2) Private PaaS Test Drive for free, click here.

CloudEndure and REAN Solutions



This Test Drive enables live workload migration and disaster recovery into AWS for any application, using continuous data replication and automated cloud orchestration of your application stack. Customers can derive high value from CloudEndure’s technology when they replicate their live workloads into AWS, without any downtime, and realize that there is nothing to configure in terms of the operating system and application configuration. The entire process is automated by CloudEndure, from data replication, through cloud orchestration, machine conversion and replica creation for cut-over. This results in an extremely streamlined and quick workload mobility process, allowing seamless “teleportation” of on-premise servers into the cloud, within hours, end-to-end.

APN Partners can leverage CloudEndure’s technology to support workload migration projects into AWS for live Windows/Linux servers, physical or virtual, from any environment. Using CloudEndure’s continuous replication technology, APN Partners can also enable other services such as DRaaS into the cloud, as well as cross-regional DRaaS for workloads already running on the cloud.

To try the CloudEndure and REAN Windows 2003 Live Migration Test Drive for free, click here.



The Symantec NetBackup Platform is a holistic backup and recovery solution that is optimized for virtually any workload. With this Test Drive, you can experience a single, intuitive management console that reveals all backup and recovery activity, allowing consistent policies and services levels to be enforced across the enterprise.

To try the Symantec NetBackup Platform Test Drive for free, click here.


Stay tuned for more announcements on the launch of AWS Test Drives from our APN Partners throughout 2015.

New Microsoft SharePoint 2013 AWS Test Drive from SEVEN PRINCIPLES (7P)

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We have a number of APN Partners who have built and launched AWS Test Drives of popular Microsoft solutions, including SharePoint, Exchange, and SQL solutions. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) running Windows Server is a secure and dependable environment for customers to deploy Microsoft SharePoint quickly and cost effectively, and APN Partners can help you realize the benefits of deploying this solution on AWS. Today, we’re excited to announce the recent launch of a new Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Test Drive from German APN Consulting Partner SEVEN PRINCIPLES (7P).

The SEVEN PRINCIPLES (7P) SharePoint 2013 Test Drive enables customers to test SharePoint 2013 and get a hands-on experience with the solution on AWS. SharePoint 2013 offers a comprehensive set of features, and in trying out the SharePoint 2013 Test Drive, users will be able to experience how the solution may address their specific business needs. Apart from the feature set itself, the user interface of SharePoint 2013 can be tested and evaluated by the user. The 7P Test Drive provides the SharePoint Central Administration and also several demo applications, like team sites, project sites, communities, document center, the BI center, and others. Users have the ability to test out these provided features, and will also be able to gain a better understanding of the administration tools and the ease of customization within the SharePoint 2013 user interface.

To take this Test Drive for a spin, click here.

Learn more about AWS Test Drives from EMEA APN Partners here.



New Line-of-Business AWS Test Drive – Available from APN Advanced Technology Partner Acumatica

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As we talked about two weeks ago, the AWS Test Drive Program is a great resource for AWS Customers to utilize to learn about how a wide range of popular APN Partner IT solutions can meet their business needs. We encourage APN Partners to explore and test out the solutions available from fellow APN Partners through AWS Test Drive, and to think about how these solutions may benefit your business or complement your existing services and solutions on AWS.

APN Partners are consistently launching new AWS Test Drive labs, and we’re excited to announce the launch of another AWS Test Drive today from APN Advanced Technology Partner Acumatica.

Acumatica Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Test Drive – Acumatica

Acumatica Cloud ERP enables small and midsize businesses to unlock their business potential and grow profitably by providing next generation Cloud ERP and Cloud Accounting Software applications that adapt to their evolving needs.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Finance, Distribution and Logistics, eCommerce, Customization, Business Intelligence and more are all available in a web browser-based application running in the cloud and with native iOS and Android apps for mobile devices.

Explore this Test Drive here

Read more about Acumatica by visiting their AWS Partner Directory listing here.

Stay tuned to the APN Blog for announcements on newly launched AWS Test Drives throughout the year!

New AWS Test Drives Available from APN Consulting Partners Strafford Technology and Vision33

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Try it, pilot it, put it in production.

Through the AWS Test Drive Program, APN Partners can automate the deployment of their enterprise workloads on AWS using AWS CloudFormation. The Program gives APN Consulting and Technology Partners the ability to efficiently and effectively demonstrate the capabilities of their enterprise workloads on AWS to customers around the globe; in minutes customers can launch, log in, and learn about how a wide range of popular APN Partner IT solutions can meet their business needs. AWS Test Drives are provided free of charge to customers when they register, and cover areas including:

  • Big Data
  • HPC
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Red Hat
  • SAP
  • Security
  • Storage

Today we’re excited to tell you about the two most recent Test Drives launched by two of our APN Consulting Partners.

Discover the Newest AWS Test Drives

Hyperion Planning – Strafford Technology

The Hyperion Planning Test Drive from Strafford Technology provides access to the latest version of the budgeting and planning application from Oracle. With the full functionality of the on-premises version of the product, users will be able to explore all areas of the application. Users will create and adjust a forecast based on historical financial information, and adjust it based on key business drivers. The user will be given access to a four-hour test drive of the Hyperion Cluster through both the web-based application, and directly from within Microsoft Excel.

Explore this Test Drive here

SAP Business One Test Drive and User Scenario Guide – Vision33

SAP Business One will provide your growing business with insight across financials, operations, product lines, customer orders, and more – for faster data-driven decision making at every level of your enterprise. Sign up for this lab from Vision33 to experience SAP Business One from your own desktop. You’ll also receive a user guide of six of the most common scenarios in SAP Business One, with navigation tips that easily take you through everyday business functions like Financials, CRM, Sales, Production, Inventory and Planning.

Explore this Test Drive here


You’ll be hearing a lot about the AWS Test Drive Program on the APN Blog throughout 2015, and we’ll continue to highlight new AWS Test Drives added from APN Partners on a regular basis.

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