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AWS GovCloud (US) Test Drive Development – InfoReliance, an Advanced APN Consulting Partner

Developing an AWS Test Drive is a cost-effective and efficient way for APN Partners to provide enterprise solutions for customers to experiment with on the AWS platform. We work with a number of APN Partners who focus on the public sector, and we’re pleased to offer AWS Test Drives for the AWS GovCloud (US) Region. We recently caught up with InfoReliance Corporation, an Advanced APN Consulting Partner who was one of the inaugural AWS Test Drive partners, and is one of two APN Partners to have developed Test Drives for the AWS GovCloud (US) region, along with a number of Microsoft-related Test Drives available in other AWS regions.

Who is InfoReliance?


 InfoReliance is a specialized information technology (IT) consulting firm serving the U.S. Federal Government and public sector, as  well as healthcare and commercial customers. “Our highly focused mission is to solve our customers’ complex business problems and  provide them with optimal and sustainable business value. InfoReliance accomplishes this by leveraging our corporate expertise in the  development of world-class software, and in the design and implementation of the supporting IT infrastructure and security,” said  John Sankovich, VP of Cloud Services at InfoReliance.

Along with being an Advanced Partner, InfoReliance is a SharePoint Competency Partner, an AWS Channel Reseller, and an audited AWS Managed Service Partner. The company has been an APN Partner for three years, and was awarded the 2014 AWS Partner ‘Invent and Simplify’ award at re:Invent.

Why AWS?

As a provider of software solutions and services that span from cloud roadmap and business case analysis to 24/7/365 ongoing cloud support, InfoReliance sought to work with a cloud provider whose maturity, global scale, and breadth of services would allow its team to focus on development rather than day-to-day infrastructure maintenance. The team decided to work with AWS, and has experienced a number of benefits working as an APN Partner. “The AWS global scale and pace of innovation allows us to focus on delivering enterprise-class managed applications and software development, free from the challenge of maintaining complex IT infrastructures,” explained John Sankovich. “In working with AWS, we can focus on what we do best, which is developing mission-critical software solutions for our customers to help them achieve their goals.”

As the team began to work closely with AWS, they quickly identified AWS Test Drives as an innovative method with which to provide solutions for customers to try on AWS.

The Initial AWS Test Drive Engagement

InfoReliance became one of the first APN Partners to work with the AWS Test Drive team and to develop a Test Drive to launch on AWS. “We were one of the first APN Partners to get involved with the Test Drive program, and we worked closely with the highly responsive AWS Test Drive team to develop a Microsoft Office 2013 SharePoint Test Drive. This was shared at re:Invent 2013 by the AWS Test Drive team, and we went on to develop Test Drives for various Microsoft, McAfee, and ESRI products. We’ve focused on developing Test Drives on AWS GovCloud (US),” said John Sankovich. The team found the creation, implementation, and launch process to be fairly straightforward, as the AWS Solutions Architects (SAs) and developers engaged in the process had deep expertise in the technologies utilized.

Current InfoReliance AWS Test Drive Offerings

InfoReliance currently offers the following Test Drives on AWS GovCloud (US):

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Esri Maps for Microsoft SharePoint
  • Dynamics CRM 2013
  • RSA Archer Incident Management
  • McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint
  • McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)

“We were chosen by Intel Security and RSA to create and manage AWS Test Drives for some of their tools,” explained John Sankovich. “These solutions will allow organizations who may be interested in a product we’re offering, but who want to learn more about the product prior to purchasing get hands-on experience with the product on AWS.”

In addition, the team has launched the following Microsoft-related Test Drives on AWS:

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Esri Maps for Microsoft SharePoint
  • Exchange Server 2013

The Benefits of Working with AWS Test Drive

Consumer awareness of InfoReliance and the solutions the company offers on AWS has grown steadily through participation in the AWS Test Drive program. “Through the AWS Test Drives we’ve deployed, we continue to see steady growth and major awareness of our company. We typically see 105 – 120 Test Drives launch per month, 10 percent of which typically result in customer engagement, and we have landed a half dozen deals where AWS Test Drives were involved during the process,” said John Sankovich. Mr. Sankovich also feels that in offering AWS Test Drives, InfoReliance differentiates itself as experts in its respective field. “In 2014, we received recognition as an Invent and Simplify Partner at re:Invent, and we feel a large part of this stems from the work that we have done and continue to do with AWS Test Drive.”

After attending an industry conference in the summer of 2013, InfoReliance gave a speech about AWS while demonstrating the AWS Test Drive for RSA Archer that the company had developed. Following the speech, team members spoke to an interested customer, and within three months, InfoReliance had a signed deal to provide RSA Archer as a Service to the customer. This key win was attributable to the Test Drive Program in the visibility it provided to InfoReliance, and the company’s capabilities and the power of AWS it displayed to the customer.

What’s Next for InfoReliance?

The InfoReliance team strives to provide customers with the ability to go from try-to-buy with any of the products the company offers through AWS Test Drive easily and efficiently, and is utilizing AWS Marketplace to do so. “Very soon, we will have the ability for users to try or evaluate a variety of McAfee products through AWS Test Drive, access a Free Trial in AWS Marketplace if they so choose, and then purchase a fully capable AMI in Marketplace,” said Aaron Faulkner, Chief Strategy Officer at InfoReliance.