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New AWS Test Drive Available – MapR Technologies

We’re excited to announce the recent launch of our newest AWS Test Drive from Advanced APN Technology Partner, MapR Technologies.

Apache Drill is an open source, low-latency query engine for Hadoop that delivers secure, interactive SQL analytics at petabyte scale. The MapR test drive provides free and fast access to a fully functioning MapR cluster. Users can experience for themselves MapR’s Hadoop distribution and the differentiated MapR data platform, which offers enterprise grade features like native NFS access, POSIX compliance, snapshots, mirrors, and active-active table replication along true multi-tenancy and strong authentication and security.

MapR’s recently deployed Test Drive demonstrates the power of Apache Drill and the unique capabilities of the MapR distribution. The MapR Test Drive is instantly available, stable, and an easy to use Hadoop demonstration platform for APN Partners who want to showcase how their products create business value when coupled with Hadoop. MapR would like to invite interested parties to build Test Drives that can showcase how their software works with Hadoop, and will work with companies over the second half of the year to set up and launch additional Hadoop-based Test Drives. If interested, please contact MapR via the company’s webpage here and a MapR business development representative will contact you directly.

To learn more about MapR, please visit the company’s AWS Partner Directory listing.