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Three New AWS Test Drives Available

We’d like to tell you about our three newest AWS Test Drives, recently launched by APN Partners DLT Solutions, CloudEndure and REAN Solutions, and Symantec.

DLT Solutions

This test drive provides you with a hands on experience deploying applications with Red Hat’s OpenShift Enterprise v2.2 PaaS.  In this exercise you’ll discover how to help your development teams deliver applications faster in order to meet your growing business demands. This test drive allows customers to experience OpenShift Enterprise PaaS, which is slightly different from the OpenShift Online version.  By leveraging OpenShift Enterprise on AWS, customers can enjoy the benefits of a private PaaS for their enterprise – available only to their designated users – while taking advantage of the scalability and elasticity of AWS.

The combination of AWS and Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise can be very powerful for other APN Partners who specialize in providing custom applications to their customers (such as systems integrators and application developers). This combination allows those developers to focus on what they do best – creating innovative software solutions for their customers – rather than dealing with virtual machines, operating systems, and infrastructure components.

To try the DLT OpenShift Enterprise (v2) Private PaaS Test Drive for free, click here.

CloudEndure and REAN Solutions



This Test Drive enables live workload migration and disaster recovery into AWS for any application, using continuous data replication and automated cloud orchestration of your application stack. Customers can derive high value from CloudEndure’s technology when they replicate their live workloads into AWS, without any downtime, and realize that there is nothing to configure in terms of the operating system and application configuration. The entire process is automated by CloudEndure, from data replication, through cloud orchestration, machine conversion and replica creation for cut-over. This results in an extremely streamlined and quick workload mobility process, allowing seamless “teleportation” of on-premises servers into the cloud, within hours, end-to-end.

APN Partners can leverage CloudEndure’s technology to support workload migration projects into AWS for live Windows/Linux servers, physical or virtual, from any environment. Using CloudEndure’s continuous replication technology, APN Partners can also enable other services such as DRaaS into the cloud, as well as cross-regional DRaaS for workloads already running on the cloud.

To try the CloudEndure and REAN Windows 2003 Live Migration Test Drive for free, click here.



The Symantec NetBackup Platform is a holistic backup and recovery solution that is optimized for virtually any workload. With this Test Drive, you can experience a single, intuitive management console that reveals all backup and recovery activity, allowing consistent policies and services levels to be enforced across the enterprise.

To try the Symantec NetBackup Platform Test Drive for free, click here.


Stay tuned for more announcements on the launch of AWS Test Drives from our APN Partners throughout 2015.