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Updated MSP Partner Program Validation Checklist – Version 3.3

AWS MSP Program-1Editor’s note: This version of the MSP Validation Checklist is out-of-date. For the latest version, visit APN Partner Central >>

We are pleased to share the latest updates to our AWS Managed Services Provider (MSP) Partner Program requirements in version 3.3 of the Validation Checklist.

This version reflects our most recent program criteria, with improvements focused on raising the bar for MSP Partners and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer experience. By maintaining a high bar, MSP Partners realize greater value by achieving recognition for their distinguished capabilities, and AWS customers have increased confidence in working with MSP Partners in this program.

APN Partners entering the program, or MSP Partners renewing their program status, will be required to meet Version 3.3 requirements for all audits and renewals as of October 1, 2018.

Download the AWS MSP Partner Program Validation Checklist v3.3 >>

What is the AWS MSP Partner Program?

The AWS MSP Partner Program was developed in response to AWS customers’ requests to identify APN Partners who could help them migrate, run, and optimize their AWS workloads. The program aligns customers with a set of validated next-generation APN Partners who can deliver the full experience of plan/design >> build/migrate >> run/operate >> optimize.

In addition to a robust set of requirements, the MSP Partner Program also incorporates the use of a third-party validation audit that brings value to both the participating APN Partners and to AWS customers who can confidently identify qualified MSP Partners.

What’s New or Different in Version 3.3?

The changes in v3.3 are focused on ensuring and recognizing excellent customer experiences. The MSP Partner Program now requires a total of four (4) customer references, two (2) of which need to be publicly referenceable (as compared to 3/1 in the previous checklist version). The MSP Partner Program also requires MSP Partners to solicit Rate this Partner survey responses from all of their managed services customers, with a minimum of 25 responses. These changes allow a clearer demonstration of proven success with customers.

Full list of changes in Version 3.3:

  • New requirement 12.1.3 replaces requirement 12.1.2 for Renewal Audit Waiver Option evidence (see Audit Process and Timing, page 5)
  • Increased the required number of references from three (3) total, with one (1) publicly referenceable, to four (4) total, with two (2) publicly referenceable (see Program Prerequisites and 1.6 Validation of Customer References, pages 8 & 10)
  • Added new mandatory requirement 12.1.3 (see AWS Customer Satisfaction Survey, page 30)

Frequently Asked Questions

When do these changes take effect?

APN Partners entering the program, or MSP Partners renewing their program status, will be required to meet Version 3.3 requirements for all audits and renewals as of October 1, 2018.

What is the AWS Customer Satisfaction Survey and how does it apply to my business?

The APN Customer Satisfaction (APN CSAT) Survey provides APN Partners with meaningful data that can be used to better understand and engage with customers, as well as a clear means to demonstrate success. This is a critical factor in validating APN Partner capabilities for programs such as the MSP Partner Program, and AWS provides best practices and customer communication templates to support the solicitation of this feedback.

APN Partners can request a report of their APN CSAT responses by contacting their Partner Development Manager/Representative (PDM/PDR) or by sending an email to Learn more about the APN CSAT program and process.

Where Can I Find More Information?

For more info, please contact your Partner Development Rep (PDR), Partner Development Manager (PDM), or Partner Solutions Architect (PSA). You can also find information here:

Still have questions? Reach out to your APN contact or email the MSP Partner Program team at