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A Passel of Interesting Links: Web 2.0, Mashups, Ruby on Rails, JSON, Ajax, and more…

Here are some articles, tutorials, and blog postings that I’ve found useful, interesting, or thought-provoking so far this week:

  • Web Services at a Crossroads – “Implemention strategies for Web services are splitting into two camps: building enterprise SOAs and exploiting Web technologies. Which is right for you?
  • Mashup Data Formats: JSON vs. XML – “It’s not the latest sequel to the “Jason versus Freddie” movie, it’s one of the decisions you need to make.
  • State of Ajax: Progress, Challenges, and Implications for SOAs – “I often get quizzical looks when I tie agile methods together with Web 2.0 and even SOA. But they are actually highly interrelated, particularly on the Web 2.0 side.
  • Why Mashups Matter“Mash Ups Enable Customers to Creatively Consume Your Brand Experience.
  • Update on SOA, Web 2.0, and Agile Methods – ” Because Ajax is a sincerely compelling synthesis of the ubiquitous features found in the most popular Internet browsers is why.”
  • A Tale of Two Grids – “This computing model is useful if you are trying to analyze a bunch radio signals for intelligent life or render the next Pixar film, but for the 99% of us who just want have a simple piece of business logic available on the net somewhere, accessible to the rest of our services, its 100% useless.
  • The SOA With Reach: Web-Oriented Architecture – “WOA is more of an emerging best practice from the battle-hardened folks building software on the Web than it is from ivory tower architects or the analyst group notebook.
  • I Got Some REST This Week to go With My SOAP – “Ive encouraged all of my portfolio companies that have an online service to supply both REST and SOAP APIs to their web services.
  • The Long Tail is Chunky – “As you go down the long tail, you may lose sheer numbers of potential customers, but you will have an easier time actually reaching those customers.
  • Rolling With Ruby on Rails – Part 1, Part 2, and a followup, Ajax on Rails – “Maybe you’ve heard about Ruby on Rails, the super productive new way to develop web applications, and you’d like to give it a try, but you don’t know anything about Ruby or Rails.

These are all what I call DRM — discardable reading material. Nice, handy articles to print out and carry around with you to fill up those spare moments when you are waiting for something to happen.

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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