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Amazon SimpleDB – New Count Function, Long Running Queries, Etc.

We’ve introduced two improvements to SimpleDB‘s Select API. You can now count the number of items which match a condition, and you can handle queries which take more than 5 seconds to run.

The new count function is used like this:

select count(*) from MyFriends where EyeColor = ‘Blue’

Queries which take more than 5 seconds to execute used to time out and returned no useful data. Now, queries will return all of the results accumulated prior to the 5 second time limit, along with a NextToken which will allow a subsequent query to pick up where the first one left off.

You can learn more about both of these features in the SimpleDB Release Notes.

By the way, the basic SimpleDB space allocation is 1 Terabyte (100 domains of 10 Gigabytes each). If you need more domains, fill in this form, send it our way, and and we’ll get you going within a day or two.

Other interesting SimpleDB resources include:

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