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Apple’s WWDC Keynote updates – Powered by Amazon S3

If you are following the hype of iPhone and Leopard, then you would know that WWDC’s Keynote is so inevitable. Jon Henshaw and Tyler Hall from Sitening is blogging live from Keynote room (10:00AM) as I type this post up. Its powered by Amazon S3.

You can get Steve Jobs’ Keynote updates here

This demonstrates the true Power of Scale, as he mentions on his blog post, he does not have to worry about how many people will log in or how many times he updates the page, It will simply auto-scale.

This is going to let us reach a ton of people without worrying about bandwidth, infrastructure, etc.

Currently we can see that they have photos and text, It would have been even cooler if it would have been live video updates. It looks like they have created a cool utility that automatically updates an Amazon S3 page and also sends signals to Twitter Account.

May be Jon or Tyler can tell us about their cool little “Live Blogging” app.

— Jin

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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