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Reserved Cache Nodes for Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon ElastiCache makes it easy for you to deploy, scale, and run a cloud-based in-memory cache that is protocol-compliant with Memcached. ElastiCache improves the performance of web applications and reduces the load on your databases by retrieving data from a fast, managed, Memcached-compatible, in-memory caching system, instead of relying entirely on disk-based storage. It can […]

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Dropping Prices Again– EC2, RDS, EMR and ElastiCache

AWS works hard to lower our costs so that we can pass those savings back to our customers. We look to reduce hardware costs, improve operational efficiencies, lower power consumption and innovate in many other areas of our business so we can be more efficient. The history of AWS bears this out — in the […]

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Amazon ElastiCache – Support in Four Additional Regions, CloudFormation Support, Free Webinar

I’ve got lots of Amazon ElastiCache news for you today! We’ve enabled ElastiCache in four additional AWS Regions and we have also added AWS CloudFormation support. New RegionsWe launched ElastiCache back in August (read my blog post to learn more), in the US East (Northern Virginia) Region. As I have mentioned in the past, we […]

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