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The AWS Report – David Rocamora of Controlgroup

For this episode of The AWS Report, I interviewed David Rocamora, VP of DevOps for Controlgroup. We talked about the origins of cloud computing at Controlgroup, and the way that it has allowed them to make radical, transformative changes in the way that they design, develop, and deliver applications to their clients. We discussed a […]

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The AWS Report – Matt Lull of Citrix

In this episode of The AWS Report, I spoke with Matt Lull, Managing Director, Global Strategic Alliances, for Citrix to learn more about their cloud strategy. We talked about their line of virtualization products including Xen, XenServer, CloudBridge, and the Citrix NetScaler. After that we talked about the concept of desktop virtualization, and Matt told […]

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The AWS Report – Michael Crandell of RightScale

For today’s episode of the AWS Report, I spoke to Michael Crandell, co-founder and CEO of RightScale. RightScale was founded shortly after Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2 were introduced, with the goal of taking advantage of pay-as-you-go infrastructure as service. In this four minute video, Michael describe’s RightScale’s role as Cloud Management Platform (CMP). He […]

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