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vkVoice – Text to Speech using Mechanical Turk

The Von Kempelen vk Voice system provides professional-grade text to speech services using their network of “human talkers.” In a nutshell, they transform text into spoken words using a higly qualified Mechanical Turk workforce. The service can accept text in a wide variety of formats including RSS, email, and web forms, and they are ready […]

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Hit Builder – Simplifying the Process of Creating a HIT for The Mechanical Turk

DPA Software’s HIT Builder is now accessible for beta testing. Using this site, it is now possible to create, manage, and collect results from Mechanical Turk HITs without writing any code.The site features both “Pro” and “Wizard” interfaces, with clean and functional tabbed dialogs to lead new Requesters through each step of the process. The […]

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SMarkets – Buy Stock in Amazon Products

This is cool, and a little bit different! allows registered users to buy, sell, and sell short imaginary shares of Amazon products. The share price is based on the product’s current sales rank. As the product’s rank climbs closer to the top (#1), the price also rises. It is possible to bet on a […]

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iTunes Community Server Mashup

Dave Burke has used Amazon’s ECS service to produce a clickable list of the albums and tunes that he listens to most frequently. Read all about his iTunes Community Server Mashup Mod. Dave is also working to add additional details and cover art, as you can see in the picture to the right.

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Walking Through the Casting Words Store

As a followup to yesterday’s transcription post, I thought that it would be helpful to walk through the entire process of submitting a podcast to Casting Words and getting the results back. If you want to try this service yourself, you’ll need two things the URL to an RSS feed which contains one or more […]

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