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New AWS Public Data Set – Real-Time and Archived NEXRAD Weather Data

My colleague Ariel Gold wrote the guest post below to introduce the newest AWS Public Data Set. — Jeff;   You can now access real-time and archival NEXRAD weather radar data as an AWS Public Data Set. The Next Generation Weather Radar (NEXRAD) is a network of 160 high-resolution Doppler radar sites that detects precipitation […]

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Announcing the NOAA Big Data Project

I am happy to be able to announce that we have entered into a research agreement with the to explore sustainable models for increasing the amount of open NOAA data that is made available via the cloud. The AWS program hosts large collections of public data that anyone can access for free. We started this […]

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Start Using Landsat on AWS

My colleague Jed Sundwall wrote the guest post below to show you how one of the newest AWS Public Data Sets is being put to use. — Jeff; You can now access over 85,000 Landsat 8  scenes through our newest Public Data Set: Landsat on AWS. The scenes are all available in the landsat-pds bucket […]

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The New World of Public Sector IT

After 35 years in the IT business, I have seen an incredible amount of change. From mainframes to minicomputers to personal computers, and now to dynamic cloud-based infrastructure, each technology generation promises increased power, greater flexibility, lower costs, and broader applicability. I recently returned from a trip to Washington DC where I was able to […]

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