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Building a Telco For 15 Cents Per Hour

Fixed costs are the enemy of any business. Money that must be invested up front to pay for land, buildings, furniture, machine tools, and computers all constitute fixed costs. Regardless of the amount of income that’s coming in, interest must be paid on the capital expended on fixed costs. In a post titled “Amazon S3… […]

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Thought-Provoking Series of S3 Posts

I met Martin Kochanski, developer of Cardbox, in London last month. We met at the Athenaeum Club and had a very pleasant working lunch. As we talked, it was really clear to me that Martin held a number of interesting opinions about all sorts of subjects and we talked about blogging as an information sharing […]

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Amazon S3 and SmugMug

SmugMug CEO Don MacAskill describes how they use Amazon S3 in his newest blog post, Amazon S3 = The Holy Grail. In the post, Don reveals that SmugMug stores 500 million images which collectively occupy 300 terabytes of storage. Don goes on to reveal how S3 allowed SmugMug to take their architecture to the next […]

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The Profit in Altruism

Long-time AWS developer MrRat wrote a really nice article for Revenews. In The Profit in Altruism, MrRat recounts the story of how his Amazon Products Feed script came to be. At first he was looking to make an immediate profit from his script (I guess that would be a rats to riches story). After a […]

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Cross-Domain XmlHTTPRequest

Today I had lunch with Peter Nixey of Web Kitchen. We talked about all sorts of interesting topics, including his recent blog posting, Why XHR Should Become Opt-In Cross Domain. This posting was written in a very interesting style and compares cross-domain scripting permissions to ordering beer in a pub. Peter explains the problem, the […]

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Jon Udell on SQS

Jon Udell’s newest InfoWorld column talks about Amazon’s pragmatic approach to metered infrastructure. The entire article is worth reading, but I like this part the best: ” Amazons S3/SQS duo is a green field that invites entrepreneurs to think way outside the box.” Definitely! — Jeff;

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