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Join the preview for new memory-optimized, AWS Graviton4-powered Amazon EC2 instances (R8g)

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We are opening up a preview of the next generation of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances. Equipped with brand-new Graviton4 processors, the new R8g instances will deliver better price performance than any existing memory-optimized instance. The R8g instances are suitable for your most demanding memory-intensive workloads: big data analytics, high-performance databases, in-memory caches and so forth.

Graviton history
Let’s take a quick look back in time and recap the evolution of the Graviton processors:

November 2018 – The Graviton processor made its debut in the A1 instances, optimized for both performance and cost, and delivering cost reductions of up to 45% for scale-out workloads.

December 2019 – The Graviton2 processor debuted with the announcement of M6g, M6gd, C6g, C6gd, R6g, and R6gd instances with up to 40% better price performance than equivalent non-Graviton instances. The second-generation processor delivered up to 7x performance of the first one, including twice the floating point performance.

November 2021 – The Graviton3 processor made its debut with the announcement of the compute-optimized C7g instances. In addition to up to 25% better compute performance, this generation of processors once again doubled floating point and cryptographic performance when compared to the previous generation.

November 2022 – The Graviton 3E processor was announced, for use in the Hpc7g and C7gn instances, with up to 35% higher vector instruction processing performance than the Graviton3.

Today, every one of the top 100 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) customers makes use of Graviton, choosing between more than 150 Graviton-powered instances.

New Graviton4
I’m happy to be able to tell you about the latest in our series of innovative custom chip designs, the energy-efficient AWS Graviton4 processor.

96 Neoverse V2 cores, 2 MB of L2 cache per core, and 12 DDR5-5600 channels work together to make the Graviton4 up to 40% faster for databases, 30% faster for web applications, and 45% faster for large Java applications than the Graviton3.

Graviton4 processors also support all of the security features from the previous generations, and includes some important new ones including encrypted high-speed hardware interfaces and Branch Target Identification (BTI).

R8g instance sizes
The 8th generation R8g instances will be available in multiple sizes with up to triple the number of vCPUs and triple the amount of memory of the 7th generation (R7g) of memory-optimized, Graviton3-powered instances.

Join the preview
R8g instances with Graviton4 processors


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