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Preview the Latest Updates in the Master Branch – AWS SDK for Go

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Following up on his recent guest post, my colleague Peter Moon has more news for Go developers!



Since our initial kickoff announcement in January, we have been revamping the internals of the AWS SDK for Go in the project’s ‘develop’ branch on GitHub, laying out a solid foundation for a well-tested, robustly generated SDK that meets the same high quality bar as our other official SDKs.

Today, with complete support for all AWS protocols and services, the develop branch has been merged to the master branch of the project. At this point the SDK’s architecture and interfaces include the initial set of key changes we have envisioned, and we’re excited to announce our progress and humbly invite customers to try out the SDK again.

While collecting and responding to your valuable feedback, we will also continue to work on additional improvements including various usability features and better documentation. We are immensely grateful for the amount of engagement and support we’ve been getting from the community and look forward to continue making AWS a better place for Go developers!

Peter Moon, Senior Product Manager

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