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Webmail’s Bill Boebel talks about Amazon S3

Bill Boebel, CTO of and a heavy user of Amazon S3, recently spoke at the ISPCON conference.

Bill was kind enough to post the slides from his talk on this blog post. You can also read a review of Bill’s talk here.

Here’s my 2 minute overview of the slides (that’s a direct link to the PowerPoint deck):

Founded in 1999, has 54 employees and over 47,000 customers. Their new custom backup solution uses Amazon S3, Amazon SQS, and Amazon EC2 to backup over 476,000 mailboxes. Because their new solution allows for incremental backups, they were able to reduce their costs from $180K per year down to just $30K. Using S3 also gave them room to grow their business, allowing them to scale by doing more backups in parallel. They use a fleet of EC2 instances, directed by a set of job requests stored in SQS queues, to delete obsolete data from S3. Bill also provides a set of best practices and recommendations for the use of S3, along with his list of desirable features for future release.

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