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Wednesday Link Mania

Here are some interesting links I dug up this morning:

  • Neurofuzzy: Amazon S3 PHP Class Update.
  • Jonathan Siegel: Sandboxing Amazon EC2. Jonathan also runs the Amazon EC2 blog.
  • There’s some good traffic on the Hadoop mailing list about Hadoop and EC2. Hadoop is the open source version of MapReduce that I mentioned in my previous post.
  • Barcamp Vancouver stored their videos in Amazon S3 using the first cut of an open sourced video storage tool similar to Youtube.
  • The Apokalyptik blog listed 5 Excellent Uses for Amazon EC2.
  • Martin Kochanski’s S3 in Business series is now complete.
  • Finally, the EC2 team has been a frequent participant in the discussion boards. M. David Peterson, Another frequent board participant, recognized their efforts and their ability to have a good time while doing so, in Hackers Hacking Hackers Hacking Humor. As he says:

    “Can I just state that youve not only a proven time and time again that youre a pleasure to do business with, but your sense of humor showcases one very important thing: Youre human, just like the rest of us.”

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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