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Weekend Link Roundup

It is time to put up some links I’ve saved up over the past couple of weeks:

  • Alex Barnett has a bunch of handy REST resources.
  • Tim O’Reilly talks about The Rise of Open Infrastructure and mentions Amazon S3.
  • Dion Hinchcliffe discusses Scaling Web 2.0 Software, and refers to some of the same sources that Tim did.
  • Dave Winer is using Amazon S3, and he says that “Something really cool just worked.” He also posted a screen shot, stored, naturally enough, in S3.
  • Paul Walk reviews one of my recent talks in a post titled “Infrastructure Web Services.” Of course I agree with everything he wrote, and I definitely can’t argue with the last sentence: “Hes got a cool job, but he sure works hard for it!”
  • Tony Hirst also wrote a nice review of the same talk. He was going to ask me about Second Life, but it looks like one of my recent posts answered his question!
  • Oh yeah, while I am bragging, Joe Duck says “Jeffs presentations are always great because hes a very good communicator as well as experienced technical guy.”
  • Nick Carr has an interesting post about how Amazon S3 levels the playing field for IT.
  • Oren Michels discusses our 160,000-strong developer community. Guess what? We are now at 180,000.
  • Kpaul insists that you read this blog, but it looks like you already are.
  • John Musser says that “With simple but useful and reliable services like Simple Queue Service and the Simple Storage Service Amazon is building genuine foundational components for the internet operating system.” Yup, you got it!


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Jeff Barr

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