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Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms and Alexa for Business empower hands-free meetings

With employees around the country beginning to transition back into physical offices, many teams are making decisions related to how they can prepare their technical infrastructure for the post-pandemic world. One of the recurring themes has been the need for hands-free and voice-controlled meeting rooms. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Gartner predicted that by 2022, […]

Join Zoom meetings with Alexa to stay connected with colleagues and friends

The current pandemic, and its social-distancing recommendations, created a new situation for customers who now need to work or study more from home. Virtual meetings and classes became a part of daily life and brought a set of challenges with it. There can be technical challenges connecting to a meeting or unreliable video and audio. […]

Hands-free meetings with Logitech Zoom Rooms and Alexa for Business

The return of employees to physical offices highlights the need for touch-free and voice-controlled meeting rooms. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Gartner predicted that “by 2022, 40% of formal meetings will be facilitated by virtual concierges and advanced analytics.”[i] While Echo devices can be used in meeting rooms, Alexa for Business is easier to deploy […]

Use Lifesize Rooms with Alexa for Business for touch-free meeting room control

As companies plan to reopen offices, the well-being of employees is the highest priority. Ensuring users can communicate and collaborate comfortably in the workplace is top of mind for many leaders. Alexa for Business provides a safe, hands-free way to interact with shared meeting room devices, such as touchscreens, lighting, and thermostats. For example, after […]

Importing Azure Active Directory users and groups into Alexa for Business Directory using AWS Lambda

Alexa for Business Directory enables customers to create contacts and address books that give their end users hands-free calling from Alexa devices in their office. Currently, Alexa for Business administrators enter contacts manually, create an address book, and then assign contacts to the address book. Using this method to create hundreds of contacts becomes impractical. […]

Boosting Work from Home Productivity with Amazon Alexa

How I set-up my home for remote work and used Alexa for Business work-based features on my Echo devices to boost my work-from-home productivity Last year, when I joined the Alexa for Business team as the East Coast representative based out of New York City, I transitioned to working remotely from home in the mornings. […]

Using Tableau with Alexa for Business meeting room utilization metrics

Last week, Alexa for Business launched new features to help customers measure and improve their meeting room utilization. These features allow Alexa for Business to track meeting room attendance and release rooms that are booked but not used. Customers can see metrics like total meetings booked in rooms and their associated duration, room attendance rates, […]

Alexa for Business customers can now query on their organization’s data with Knowledge skills (preview)

Alexa for Business customers can now sign-up to preview Alexa Knowledge skills, a new skill type that enables users, such as employees and customers, to ask questions about an organization’s spreadsheet data without invoking a skill name. Users can ask Alexa about different types of data – org charts, building information, events, FAQs, glossaries, product catalogs, […]

Alexa for Business announces end of meeting reminders, intelligent room release, and room utilization metrics

Since Alexa for Business launched room booking last year, we have spent a lot of time learning from our customers about the pain points they encounter with shared meeting spaces in their offices. IT administrators, office managers, and users told us the same story: meeting room availability and efficiency is an ongoing challenge. Users described frustrations […]

Best practices for linking Alexa for Business with Microsoft Office 365

Alexa for Business integrates with popular calendar systems, including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Google G Suite, to provide users with hands-free meeting experiences and room-booking capabilities. Several customers have asked for more details on the integration of Alexa for Business with their Office 365 setup. This post describes the technical details about how Alexa […]