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Join Zoom meetings with Alexa to stay connected with colleagues and friends

The current pandemic, and its social-distancing recommendations, created a new situation for customers who now need to work or study more from home. Virtual meetings and classes became a part of daily life and brought a set of challenges with it. There can be technical challenges connecting to a meeting or unreliable video and audio. There are also inherent problems such as simultaneously using a computer as a screen for the meeting and a device to draft notes.

Zoom on Echo Show 8

With Zoom on Echo Show 8, customers can now have great meetings experiences on a dedicated device while simultaneously using their laptop for other work. You simply say “Alexa, join my Zoom meeting.” No setup is required.

Alexa will ask for the meeting ID and passcode. You can also join a meeting more seamlessly by linking your calendar to your Alexa account. After saying “Join my Zoom meeting” Alexa will confirm the meeting title if details are included in the invite and then join the meeting. Alexa won’t ask for additional information.

Joining a Zoom meeting on Echo devices does not require a Zoom account. If you do sign into your Zoom account on the Echo Show 8, the name associated with the Zoom account will be presented in the meeting roster. Otherwise, you will join as guest and be identified by your Alexa account name.

Getting started

Zoom video meetings is available on Echo Show 8. No setup is required, but we recommend linking your Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Outlook, Google G Suite or Gmail, or Apple iCloud calendar account with Alexa. Once linked, please include the Zoom meeting URL in the meeting location field or body for a smooth meeting join. Please note that you may still be asked to type the meeting’s passcode on your Echo Show device screen in certain cases when passcodes have letters.

For the best experience, we recommending you sign in to your Zoom account. To sign in to your Zoom account simply say “Alexa, open Zoom.” The app will open on the device allowing you to sign in. After signing in, you will be asked to set up an account-PIN to protect your privacy.

Zoom voice meetings are supported on other Echo family devices. See more details on the voice-only experience here.

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Maayan Aharon

Maayan Aharon

Maayan Aharon is a Sr. Product Manager in the Alexa for Business team. She is responsible for planning and designing solutions that make Alexa more helpful at work.